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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. They're hoping the reaction to booed housewife Lisa calms down, I think.
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  2. They really learned absolutely nothing from the RHONY mess they created huh.

  3. (I won’t claim to know who this person is but)
    She so would
  4. A break until Jan is hardly that RHONY sized mess
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  5. I feel like the reason this is a headline story for publications is because of the RHONY pause becoming what it did. Housewives shows have taken this length of breaks regularly for years. This is not even close to being a big deal and I'm glad its happening.
  6. I just watched the last episode and wow Rinna is disgusting!! I hope she isn’t on the next season.
    I don’t usually watch the reunions but is this one worth watching?
  7. It is and it isn't.
    There's not a lot of resolution, but Garcelle, Erika, and Kathy put in a really good showing.
    Just watch Part 3 for the great stuff. Still don't understand why Binna was next to Andy, even with the Aspen stuff.
  8. of course
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  10. Oh she's taking it
  11. Apparently Brandi is bashing Sutton on Zzzeddi's podcast for being a social climber and turning on Rinna? I frowned.
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  12. I've been a Brandi's apologist like no other, but Brandi Glanville accusing anyone else of social climbing for a spot in the Housewives franchise? HELLŒ?
  13. This is the woman who had her son come on her podcast when Andy was on and beg for her job back...

    Brandi's desperation is exactly why I don't want her back. She doesn't have authentic relationships with the ladies anymore and she's just going to do whatever she has to in order to ensure she keeps her job.
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  14. I actually listened to her Reddit AMA, it was interesting, especially her doing it while running her errands, glitching out and having her son chiming in and shading some of the Housewives, ddd.

    - She keeps in touch mostly with Kim's sister and The Rat, she sometimes exchange messages with Yolanda and Erika.
    - She thinks the hate against Binna was too much, especially at Bravocon.
    - She loves Atlanta and Potomac, she compared RHOBH to Big Brother with all the alliances and scheming, said she felt Atlanta is the most "real" of the franchises, said Bravo should focus on doing more stuff like RHUGT to get more "Real" reactions and dynamics
    - She is a Candiace superfan
    - She Hung out with Heather at Bravocon, cried with her, she loves Mary Cosby, thought Lisa Barlow was going to be an asshole, but she was super nice at Bravocon, she also said her husband have huge BDE.
    - Meredith Marks and Whitney were super snobby towards her, Brandi's son said Whitney's husband kind of checked Brandi out.
    - She also kind of implied she is in negotiations with Bravo to be back.
  15. Brandi is the original Casita Queen...

    I mean she never gave off wealth, just drama and the producers paying for everything
  16. [​IMG]

    Suddenly I'm a Marxist!
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  17. OK OK,
    The Wicked Witches Of Beverly Hills look good, Rinna her best in a loooooong time, Whilst Koyle needs to sack her stylist.

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  18. I can't tell if you're being serious but it's giving Lois with some curtains.
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  19. Kyle always looks cheap.
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