The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

“So this is where the rumours about you buying speed by the dumpsters behind SUR come from!”

Until the Real Exterminators of Beverly Hills can deliver drama as scrumptious as the Ariana/Tom/Raquel mess, they honestly don't deserve having cameras following them.

Had dinner alongside Crystal and 5 of her 'friends' last week and spent the entire time wondering how long it would be before these women also stopped talking to her.
I'm redoing Season 9 for the first time... I skipped all of Season 8. I know I'll only do the LVP episodes and Camille ones...

Them circling LVP like sharks when she is deeeeeeeep in grief, with Rinna smelling blood and then leading the pack is astonishing this time around.
I mean she takes Dorit to the loo so Kyle and Teddi can start the conversation up with LVP, the stich up shenanigans are real. I'm looking forward to S10-12 rewatch in my full rinna hate mode tbh.
Episode 3 is sort of where the Lucy story should have finished, but yep, Teddi lying through her teeth about that fucking mutt is what drags past it.

Denise turning up with normal holiday clothes will never not be great.

This caption confirms they’ve now picked this season’s target.

The only tea I've seen is Dorit coming for Sutton and Garcelle's closeness (but if course they are in the wake of Rinna's firing), and some possible bad blood between Crystal, Erika and Kyle during a sit down in Vegas.
It feels it might be proper Flops vs Not, they need some new blood thrown in desperately if you ask me.
I’m curious of how Dorit and Erika will be when you consider what Erika said about PK. I also don’t see how Kyle fits into the group now. I imagine she’ll potentially bond with Garcelle and Sutton, but where does she stand with Erika and Crystal?

My #1 question is who is going to torment Sutton? She is at her best when someone is on her ass. I want more crying and freak outs. I hope Crystal kicks her little legs again.

Also, I do think we will get appearances from other people, even if it hasn’t been revealed. I could see Kim, Kathy and Camille all showing up. I just know this season is going to be excellent. Bravo will not let them flop.
The bloody Bravo and Peacock producers not getting their film dates lined up, what with Paris In Love currently filming, and Kathy of course appearing on that.

Their must not be a single gay in their production teams.
I screeeeeeamed at "I hope Crystal kicks her little legs again" dd @LetsGetToIt
I’m sorry, but that was one of the funniest moments in this franchises history!

BTW, Nicolette is seemingly confirming they’ve reached out to her.

I know a couple seasons ago there was a time they basically edited the first month or two of filming into like two episodes. I wonder if they’ll do that again to give them time to finalize a new Housewife?

Now if they do go with Nic, her main connections are LVP and Lisa Rinna, so I’m not sure how she’d fit unless she’s friends with a current HW we don’t know. I also think, as a life long fan of hers, she may not be what people think. She’s good at playing bitchy characters, but from what I’ve learned about her real life, she doesn’t seem to be that way. She is very rich, but isn’t a glamour puss. She’s very jeans and a tshirt outdoors kinda gal.