The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

This is good! The six returning cast have enough story/dynamics to be the core, let them settle for the first few episodes before sprinkling in some BH legends and a couple of new faces as friends and guests for the rest of the season.
I really hope we’ll get to see a more self-confident Sutton and Crystal. Enough with the crying when you feel misunderstood. Stand your ground and tell the remaining stray dogs to get lost.
Nah, Sutton did amazingly well last season, but yes Crystal best step up to the plate more, and put her foot firmly on Kyle's neck.
There’s a rumor Days of Our Lives is bringing back Lisa Rinna. The show films six months ahead so we won’t know for ages if true. Good for her if it happens, but I hope she works on her acting.

I loved her as OG Billie and on Melrose Place, but they brought her back on contract twice and her acting was so bad both times they had to prematurely end her story and feature her once a week to ride out her contract. They did bring her back for a campy mini series, but it was just to trade off her housewives popularity. If she’s back for an extended stint she needs to give it her all.