The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Kyle, Kim and Hunky Dory aren't dumb, they must know they need even just one (1) scene of them together in Season 13, to keep the publicity and paychecks rolling in for another year.

Anyhow let me continue my S10 rewatch, we're in Rome, and it's interesting after that dinner, Sutton's sat with the Flops and Dorito with Garcelle and Denise.

Dorito will be right up her arse in her guest appearances this year, bookmark me.
I'm wondering what this season may look like. Lacklustre and insipid usually is what Beverly Hills is what I expect, but I'm hoping for something good.
Give us a season of group scenes, a mix of fun humour and interesting drama, of which they move on quickly from, and everything happens on camera. C’mon girls, it’s not hard.
I assume we don't know because Lisa Rinna isn't there anymore.
Yeah I hope someone mentions this to Andy at some point.

Hens, I listened to my first episodes of TwoT's In a Pod this week (as Andy is on), and to be honest, apart from her obvious Garcelle hang up (let it go), Teddi comes across really well as an interviewer and commentator, and of course Tamra, I could listen to her forever.
I think it'll be the first and only podcast I listen to every week
I maintain that the original run of Sutton v Crystal in Season 11 was refreshingly ridiculous.

While her tactics need to be more dynamic than simply letting these older women walk into stupid statements, I still think Crystal has provided some needed warmth to the cast and can be the greek chorus alongside Garcelle (the Michael Jackson conversation last season). Beverly Hills has been ripe for a young v old housewife feud for awhile, and I'm ready to see her play ball now that Rinna isn't carrying off-camera bones through half a season.
Dorito - "Never had a nose job..."

Literally the rest of the girlies in Tahoe

Also, imagine if they get promoted for Season 14
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Crystal can barely drag her own storylines to more than a B plot point, she isn't "coming for" anyone else.
Camille is definitely the one to watch and no Rinna to out crazy her has a lot of potential.
Does anyone else feel like Erika's storyline will be Vegas and that's it?
It'll be an interesting season because there's not a public enemy number one......yet.