The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I think Bravo will continue to make minimal tweaks to what they clearly see as a winning formula. Kyle, Erika, Garcelle and Sutton will of course be asked back, and Kathy will presumably asked to come back in some capacity, probably Kim too. Crystal, Dorit and Annemarie's fate is less certain, and in that order. Crystal had a decent season but no one would miss her really, and the latter two had largely terrible seasons.
I can see it being Kyle, Erika, Garcelle, Sutton, Crystal, New Housewife as diamond holders, with Kathy and Dorit as the 'fun' friends, lots of guest spots from Kim and other familiar faces.
Watch Bravo troll us and Give Annemarie a second season!

There are rumours she will cause of the cost of finding and hiring a new Housewife.

I don't watch Andy's talk show but apparently they have had her on that and she's like a different person and they are trying to rehabilitate her.

I think if she's back, Crystal will be demoted to friend of.
Not Andy's 'you're shaking' being the fag equivalent of

Has Kyle really brought Kathy on to go for Sutton on her behalf? She’s really impalpable of doing anything herself.

I really don't think the whole Kathy being brought on and popping off on Sutton is true. The two of them are all over each others Instagram comments acting the best of friends, post reunion also. If it was anything I could only see Kathy maybe pulling her up for telling the audience earlier this season about Kathy's mask slipping (again) and shouting at Sutton down the phone.