The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika Jayne: performing a tired 7 year old song to 150 people plus production crew in an empty stadium.

Adriana De Moura: performing a hit in front of 200,000 people at the world’s BIGGEST pride event ahead of the release of her new single crafted by a 19x Grammy-winning producer.

Drew: Sidora

A real Pop Justice!
I get he wanted to get in front of the story but I feel he just made her case. Like he said, it was 100% inappropriate. Not airing Girls Trip and no longer hiring her and I feel she has a strong case for retaliation and will get a good settlement.

I do think this could’ve been avoided if they did a proper investigation and released the results. Their silence left Brandi out to dry so you have to expect her to defend herself at some point.
The thing about cishet men is, they will always think with their dicks. I believe in true love though, I mean the couple we should root for is Guerdy + Russell.
I’m sure he was screwing around with other people for a long time and she knew about it/they had some sort of agreement, but my guess is he was getting sloppy and disrespectful about it. And I’m also guessing he only started getting sloppy because he became the real money maker of the household. Basically, he could be as selfish and sorta hedonistic (his drug use) as he wanted because he had an upper hand power-wise for the first time.

Bums me out for Kyle because she wouldn’t do the same to him.