The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills


Kyle texting Dorit before the reunion to try to get her not to bring up their issues and saying they can sit down and talk about it after the reunion…she’s trying so hard to control the narrative so hard she’s morphing into everything she claimed LVP was.

Kyle is just like her pal Bethenny. They both became a version of their enemy. Bethenny became Jill, being so needy of Carole's friendship and Kyle became LVP trying to control and silence narratives that would harm her. Both are insufferable. Though Bethenny on TikTok makes Kyle seem tolerable.
Dorit's dramatic delivery while being attached to the IV is killing me.

Also, this does not apply to Erika (or Kyle this season) but I am genuinely curious what someone like Dorit thinks about their contributions to the show in comparison with someone like Sutton. Like there have always been focal women in these shows (Teresa, Brandi, Nene, Kenya, Bethenny, etc.) where most of a season or multiple seasons heavily feature / revolve around one woman in some way, but to have Sutton come in and so drastically shift the focus off of Dorit's dreaded Flop Force, resulting in two being let go (Teddi, Rinna) and now for the remaining three to fracture... it has to be tough to swallow.

They had it easy for far too long because LVP, Denise, etc. just would not play ball in a way Sutton or Garcelle are willing. Even tho Bravo clearly heard fan response eventually re: Teddi and Rinna, they still tried to stack the cards in Erika/Dorit/Kyle's favor with Diana and Annemarie, but both failed so spectacularly. I'm just so interested in their own perception.
Bravo bravo fucking bravo!!!

God I love Denise. The rest of the girls are ganging up on her and being nasty. How are you gonna believe Brandi in this situation please instead of the person you’re hanging out with daily??????? I’m aware I may eat my words in episodes to come but come on!

On another note, the fact that Teddi is so boring that her not being featured as much is actually making the episodes more fun? Scream!
I just… I don’t understand why people worth 100’s of millions are willing to do what the Umansky’s do for a TV show. That scene with their daughters was highly uncomfortable. I’m sure they’ve had an actual private family moment in relation to their issue but so weird to ask your kids to film this for a reality show. It’s not like they need the cheque.
At least Kathy kept her threatening text short and sweet! No bueneo!

And had the smarts to delete them her end so it looked like they were never sent.