The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I will miss her.
Tamra said they start filming next week so hopefully we have more news soon. Zach Peter said there are two new housewives who are rich Beverly Hills women and not names.

I also saw a rumor of Garcelle potentially exiting but it wasn’t from a big account and I haven’t seen it picked up anywhere else.
Am I the only one who is totally fine with Dorit? She gave us ignorance and delusion, upside down jacket whisper fight, fight with Garcelle, fight with Crystal, upcoming fight with Kyle, alleged marital problems, failed businesses…I mean WHAT do you want? She gives more than Erika who only uttered „Merce is in the purse“ and „How do I get empathy“ all season long, but somehow I don’t see people asking her to get fired.
I found Dorit to be a bit more interesting when she doesn't have the safety net of allies. I will forever love her saying to Rinna "If I can smell your breath, you are too close" all while looking like a golden goose had just shat on her head.

Feel like pure shit just want her back. (Feisty Dorit, not Rinna)
Why does Twitter keep suggesting me tweets that yearn for the return of the Flop Force Five?? I know the answer is that I should just get off Twitter, but the idea of not only wanting to watch that, but also broadcasting a desire to watch that publicly is insanity to me.