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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. She was defeated in court by Sheree's ex-husband who, incidentally, represented himself!
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  2. The first 'meh' episode from RHOA this week I think. I don't really have an opinion on anything that went down. Looking forward to Marlo's return next week and did Kenya and Cynthia really stay at Kandi's for a bit?
  3. That Sydney trailer looks fun although a few of the women look awkward in the final shot where they're altogether. Excited still.
  4. Willing to bet money Phraudra set Kandi up by telling that ex-employee to go to Kandi on camera and expose ha and then make a "surprise visit" to Phakedra's phraudulent law office. Her whole "I couldn't possibly get involved in Kandi's business!" was a mess - I'm so ready for her lashings from Mama Joyce at the reunion.

    Nene brought Kenya to the Golden Globes as her date because Gregg couldn't go - I love that they're becoming friends again now.

    Prediction: Kandi will get a spin-off after this season wraps with Joyce, Toddler and the Kandi Klique. Nene will return and take her spot, Kim Z will be back as a friend for Sheree so it can be Nene & Kenya vs. Sheree & Kim. I'm sure Nene didn't miss Shebroke shading her in Sunday's episode.
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  5. I haven't missed Nene in the slightest!
  6. Same.

    However, seeing her back friends with the likes of Cynthia and Kenya is at least a step forward. I much preferred her before she teamed up with Phaedra and Porsha - which is interesting cause it seems like Nene never talks to those two anymore. Remember how the whole Season 7 reunion was, "You are right. I'm wrong. Next question." It was painful. I think going against Kenya brought out the worst in Nene.
  7. Nene's confessionals regarding the Kandi/Phaedra, Kandi/Porsha, Kenya/Sheree feuds would be LIFE, and I'm sure she would have had a lot to say on the upcoming Apollo engagement storyline. Nene gives good tea and good shade in her confessionals - she can laugh along with the audience .
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  8. I don't see Kim Z coming back, on her last season as a housewife she seemed so disconnected.
  9. She already shot guest spots for later on this season. Not that I think she's desperate to return, but her show will likely be cancelled this year or next as ratings are in the pits. Kroy also hasn't got another placement with a football team and is edging his way towards retirement age for a pro football player. In short: they need the cheque. However, I really don't see how Kim would fit in with the current cast. She doesn't really have anything in common with them any more, and with all the dirt that's being dug up and flung around this season, I think she'd be scared to come back. Miss Kim has a murky past.
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  10. I don't see Kim ever coming back either. Even before the spin-off, she couldn't make it halfway through her last season without giving up and quitting in tne middle of episode 7. NeNe seemed to want her back when she didn't have a friend left in the cast and was getting attacked from all sides, but now that she's gone, who does Kim even keep in touch with? Phaedra?

    I liked Claudia and didn't see why she couldn't get a second season. She was infinitely more right for the show than her replacement Kim Fields was.

    Still don't understand why they haven't bucked up and given Marlo a peach though. Homegirl seems straight up unstable and always delivers for the cameras, even as a friend.
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  11. I really do not want Nene back, I like that the show is doing well without her. Wouldn't mind Kim returning for Kim vs. Kenya though, now that would be epic.
  12. She gives them so much even though she isn't a housewife or a peach holder. Why would they promote her?
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  13. Marlo doesn't bring anything that Kenya and Porsha don't. You want crazy? Call Kenya. You want mugshots? "Don't make me call Poooorsha."
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  14. This weeks episode of Beverly Hills has been a glimmer of hope. It blasted all of last season to hell with its genuine energy. I mean, it was game night, Kim & Camille were there (and did confessionals!) and it was consumed by drama. I'm becoming a bit sick for how Dorit is somehow making Vyle seem likeable again like she was in Season 1. It's great to see Kim healthy, happy and be able to articulate how she was feeling towards Lisa Rinna. Lisa Rinna was awful. I'm glad everyone (including Eileen) shot her down. The drama with Kim doesn't end there though. I appears the SHE. IS CLOSE. TO DEATH! quote is about Kim. Lisa Rinna also name checks Kyle as Kim's biggest enabler of alcohol abuse too.

    How did it just get this good again?
  15. Haven't watched this week's ep but looking forward to it. I think Bravo made great casting decisions this year by bringing in Dorit and Eden and reviving Camille and Kim (honestly two iconic Housewives). Eileen has been serving drama and we all know Loose Lips makes for great TV. Kyle remains the show's anchor while Vanderslump should collect her pension and retire. If anything, Erika seems to be the one that doesn't really fit the group.
  16. Kyle should leave too. We have Dorit now. She can bring drama without having to exploit her sister! Exploit Boy George instead.
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  17. Erika is the only great new addition so let's not.

    Vanderfake feels more like a friend of the housewives this series. Lisa Rinna is a housewife I either love or hate. She was out of order to Kim this week. I'm liking Eden so far (not a fan of all that crystal/healing shit though). It was a good episode though.
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  18. Erika is a great edition, but she arrived last year. I was really thinking about this series when I posted.
  19. I was replying to @cassiejojo with that comment hun. I completely agree with what you said when it comes to Housewives naturally.
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  20. I don't find Erika to be that entertaining. Her "I'm a pop diva with a gaggle of gays yasss" shtick runs thin after a few episodes. She doesn't appear to have any genuine friendships within the group, and doesn't seem to want to be around them. Dorit and Erika are better because they have connections within the group, Erika feels like an outlier, and one that I don't enjoy, which is why I said she's not a good fit. I don't expect people to agree though considering she's the fan fave.
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