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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. She is coming off more ambivalent these past few episodes more than likely because it's been about her vagina!
  2. Erika still has work to do yes. I like her don't get me wrong, but she hasn't been an impressive 'housewife' as such so far (even though she gives the gays everything they want). She was just so refreshing during the spectacularly dull last season. However, I think that might change once she does let her guard down and shed a few tears, it shows some vulnerability.

    Fans can have a go at Dorit all the want for saying Erika is guarded, but in all honesty, that is the truth. I mean, even Erika admitted she didn't want to drink around these women last season so she could always be on her A-game. So I'm hoping we'll get to know her better as the season progresses.
  3. I really liked this episode.
    It was funny and dramatic in equal amounts.

    I love Eden!
    Greatest Housewife addition in a long time.
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  4. Kyle should host a game night every week.
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  5. Kyle shouldn't leave. Vanderpump should and she can take Dorit with her.
    I loved the episode but as much as I enjoy Eileen this season, she needs to drop pantygate. It's the same thing that happened with the affair talk in the Hamptons, she's just never going to let it go. Lisar was out of order with Kim, trying to humiliate her like that and bring such a sensitive subject to the table... What a witch. Also I'm confused (and maybe a bit ignorant on the subject) but how is Eden sober if she's still drinking? I cringed when Dorit was trying to hit on her...
    Erika was a nonentity this week. I get it though, I wouldn't want to interact with people who keep talking about my vagina.
    This season is really good.
  6. Eden's not drinking.....She pointed this out multiple times during the episode.
  7. Oh yes, sorry I heard wrong. I thought she ordered a margarita but she actually ordered water.
    ellipses ellipses ellipses.
  8. I'm liking Dorit for her cringe villain edit but the whole flirting/trying to find out if she gay thing with Eden was beyond weird.
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  9. It was very college girl wants her first lesbian experience.
  10. WHy Eden didn't get a diamond but Kathryn did last year is...puzzling.
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  11. She was so scared to ask her if she was gay too. You work with Boy George darling.

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  12. Last night's episode was a return to form, although Panty Gate needs to be done for good. It isn't interesting.

    Eden and Dorit are both fun new additions, and I've been enjoying the Camille and Kim cameos. Eileen and Lisa are giving me pot-stirring drama, while Kyle & Lisa give me nothing (not even a good reaction shot in fear of showing their true colors). I need Erika to let her guard down. She's entertaining in confessionals, but she's such a boring, silent, stone-faced observer in group scenes.
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  13. I couldn't agree more, we barely saw her last week and she was hardly that present in game night. Last night's episode was exactly what I want and love from Beverly Hills, hilarious! Without a doubt the best episode of this season so far, an hour of television gold.

    I'm happy Kim is in a happier and healthier place, she certainly deserves it and couldn't stop weeing when that tag was on her dress and it cut to Kyle's confessional. Oh my god. Even so, although I agree Rinna crossed a line, I am on Rinna's side and I say that as a loyal Kim fan. Kim did come for her husband in S5, what does she expect? In real life, people would respond with low blows so why alter that because there is a camera crew present? Perhaps it was too soon, but I think Eden handled the confrontation incredibly ...yet not completely if the trailer next week's episode is anything to go by.

    Side note: how the hell didn't Eden receive a diamond!!?!?!! She's added more fun in two episodes (as a friend of) than Vyle and LVP have provided in two seasons as full-time housewives. I know we're only six episdoes in but I love imagining this, my ideal cast for S8: Lisa R, Eileen, Erika, Dorit, Eden, Brandi and Yolanda/Camile.
  14. I only just saw the preview for next week's Beverly Hills and I can't believe Lisa is saying Kim is closing to dying.

    It's true that Kyle is Kim's enabler so good that she calls that one out but saying Kim is close to death.......I don't know.
  15. I know I'm probably in the minority but I actually lived for Dorit's, "well for fuck sake you're the one that brought it up didn't you" at Eileen - which she did. I also felt a bit sorry for her when they called her over to the table to have a go while she was happy chatting up Eden. I may be Team Dorit guys (even though she is a mess), who's with me? ...
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  16. The only reason I can imagine Eden not getting a diamond yet is cos they are either scared she'll turn into a bore like Kathryn or she's not as present for the rest of the series or..... they are making her work for it like Brandi had to.
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  17. I can't stand Dorit, but I agree with you. Eileen needs to let it go. If I were Erika I'd be more pissed off at her bringing it up every damn time than I would at Dorit to be honest...
  18. Dorit is good for drama, but come on - she's an ignorant, insecure airhead filled to the brim with xanax, alcohol and cash from her heinous husband. She was called out, sure, but deservedly so. I think she's gonna stir up a lot of shit this season, and for that I am thankful, but bringing drama does not a likeable housewife make.
  19. Exactly. I was shocked I was agreeing with her but it just felt like more of an 'attack' on her because Eileen decided to bring up the panty thing around the table instead of just talking about her own beef with Dorit. Erika said how she felt and Dorit said she didn't intend to make her feel bad, end of discussion.

    Yes, and I still agree with this. Dorit is very ignorant and just fucking wacky, but she entertained me a lot this episode. She clearly doesn't get what people are saying half the time, but like I said, I just thought the way Eileen brought her to the table to have a go in front of the other women was a bit mean. But Dorit stood up for herself so she can clearly handle these situations.
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