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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Missed this last night as I was watching the Farewell Address. But they're rerunning it in a half hour so I'm amped to see what everyone is talking about.
  2. I love how Dorit is entirely infatuated with Eden. That scene with her confessing her admiration by the swimming pool was both uncomfortable and magnetic, as if she were a nervous, anxious teenager admitting a forbidden crush.
  3. [​IMG]

    The latest Bitch Sesh episode with Michael Rapaport is AMAZING.
    'Meryl Streep wishes she could pull off a Ramona!'
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  4. Did anyone get mean girl vibes from Eileen and Rinna around the table? You know when Kim noticed them looking at each other after the 'tinkle' comment. I think they were rolling their eyes at Dorit not Kim but still, it just looked bitchy. Idk, I think Eileen is a secret Regina George but on the other hand I find her really endearing.
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  5. I think Eileen holds back, a lot. She is very quick in arguments and seems to be one of the more... astute housewives. But I think she is afraid to go there. There is a reason she plays a bitch so well! She's my favorite housewife, I think of any season.
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  6. Eileen's worst problem is not letting go of things, so she brings things up constantly to a point where it gets annoying and you lose any sympathy for her.
  7. I agree. Although I was largely indifferent to Eileen during her first season, I've since warmed up to her significantly with an almost Didion-styled fascination, viewing her role as a soap opera legend and a deeply-tragic human being with sincerity and depth. However, she does, at times, seem to grip and hold and stick onto something for a bit too long. Her issues with Vanderpump were, at a time, understandable; however, it began to drag on so much that I stopped caring. This issue was Dorit may be similar, although I still believe Dorit plays dumb far too well; she is a smart, perhaps calculated girl underneath it all, she just knows her advantage with being underestimated as a small pretty blonde.
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  8. ^I agree with everything except the part about Dorit. I really think she's stupid... or maybe it's just because I can't stand her.
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  9. Haha, I just meant "smart" as in manipulative or aware of the fuckery she incites. She interested me for about two episodes but after Pantygate and the way she and PK went in on Rinna at their dinner party, I find her quite bothersome. Also, her constant namedropping of Boy George is genuinely disturbing.
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  10. Now that I know Dorit's brother pretty well, I would venture that she is genuinely a little bit nutty but very intelligent. She graduated magnum cum laude from one of the best school's in my state, and started her own swimsuit line at a very young age. She strikes me to be someone with very acute social skills but, like her brother, knows how to play the game.
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  11. Is her swimwear line still going? It would be good to see her as a boss, because I think a lot of people presume she's dumb and living off PK's millions. And clearly she's not stupid (just fucking nuts) because I think she's actually been quite accurate about Erika and Eileen - it's just the way it's been said has been the issue.

    For example: Erika is closed off, her music is her hobby and she is very different when she's 'Erika Jayne' and Eileen does go around in circles when it comes to the issues she has. I don't think Dorit has said anything that offensive (yet) about the other women to warrant any hate.
  12. Ericka is very cold and - at times - unlikeable. Ericka Jayne, however, is wonderful.
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  13. Erika is great in the confessional but seems to fade in the background in group scenes.
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  14. I noticed that whenever they introduce her to someone like Eden or when Rinna introduced her to that guy from the eyeglass shop, she is so, so stiff. I am not judging her by any means because I'm a socially anxious kween but I do find her shockingly withholding which clashes with her alter-ego in a big way.
  15. In the season trailer she seems like she comes out of her shell in a yelling match with Dorit so fingers crossed that's a moment.
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  16. I feel like she has a hard time trusting people but I've no idea exactly why. I am awaiting that inevitable episode when we learn of some deep, dark secret that ties it all together.
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  17. Okay I love that Solange is such a RHOA stan.

    Beyonce recently interviewed her for Interview Mag:

  18. This weeks episode of BH was exactly what I needed. Also Eden seems like a great addition.
  19. I loved this week's Beverly Hills. So good and if it can keep up this pace I'll be ok with the season.

    Eden is amazing, and I think Dorit is stupid enough to be a perfect addition to this season.

    I love Kim Richards. "I don't have any panties on." made me squeal.
  20. I think Erika's stiffness stems from something much deeper than plainly being 'boring' or a 'bitch' and this issue may be alluded to later, within the scene from the season's trailer, when she says: "you don't know what I go through every night" (or something similar). This persona of Erika Jayne, as great as it is, seems to be who Erika inspires to be, whilst Erika Girardi can often come off as being very hollow and flat. But I do think there's a reason for this split persona/s, I've witnessed this trait in people before. I feel Erika is lacking confidence or inner validation and so uses Jayne as an outlet to channel/express something deeper (anxiety? addiction? who knows?), but truth is she can't be on stage all of the time. So I feel Erika is left trying to figure out how to act in social surroundings and live up to her stage persona when she doesn't have that outlet to channel emotion and rage into and struggles, so detaches herself from her surroundings therefore coming off as quite cold.

    I sound like a psychologist hahahaa but that's just my two cents. However, after the season's trailer, I certainly feel Erika will upon up more much later on and may give us a closer insight into her personal life. Possibly (and this is a reach) she could be the rumoured housewife who is addicted to prescription drugs?
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