The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I think Erika's stiffness stems from something much deeper than plainly being 'boring' or a 'bitch' and this issue may be alluded to later, within the scene from the season's trailer, when she says: "you don't know what I go through every night" (or something similar). This persona of Erika Jayne, as great as it is, seems to be who Erika inspires to be, whilst Erika Girardi can often come off as being very hollow and flat. But I do think there's a reason for this split persona/s, I've witnessed this trait in people before. I feel Erika is lacking confidence or inner validation and so uses Jayne as an outlet to channel/express something deeper (anxiety? addiction? who knows?), but truth is she can't be on stage all of the time. So I feel Erika is left trying to figure out how to act in social surroundings and live up to her stage persona when she doesn't have that outlet to channel emotion and rage into and struggles, so detaches herself from her surroundings therefore coming off as quite cold.

I sound like a psychologist hahahaa but that's just my two cents. However, after the season's trailer, I certainly feel Erika will upon up more much later on and may give us a closer insight into her personal life. Possibly (and this is a reach) she could be the rumoured housewife who is addicted to prescription drugs?

I don't know about the addiction stuff and lacking confidence, but I get the gist of what you're saying. From my perspective, I don't see it as negative traits or signs that she has bigger issues. That's just how some people are. She's a guarded person and she knows how to separate and compartmentalize herself. Personally, without knowing what's going more than anybody else, I respect that about her. It shows she's smart and in control of her own self. People saying that as something against her kind of baffles me!!!
I wonder which lady gets accused of the Xanax addition later on in the season.

Rinna has tweeted before she has put Xanax in her smoothies and from the trailer with her, Eden and Dorit drinking those smoothies, it has be Rinna they question has the addiction? Maybe that's too obvious.

I think were about to say bye to Pantygate and hello Xanaxgate.
Is anyone else just loving this season of Ladies of London, it's basically the perfect cast and the right amount of ladies. Those 2 American ladies and that atrocious Annabelle were just dead weight, I really hope this gets a Season 4.
Is anyone else just loving this season of Ladies of London, it's basically the perfect cast and the right amount of ladies. Those 2 American ladies and that atrocious Annabelle were just dead weight, I really hope this gets a Season 4.

I loved Annabelle! She's the reason why I haven't bothered with season three yet as she's not in it.

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Is anyone else just loving this season of Ladies of London, it's basically the perfect cast and the right amount of ladies. Those 2 American ladies and that atrocious Annabelle were just dead weight, I really hope this gets a Season 4.

Yeah I do enjoy it. I normally enjoy Caroline Stanbury but she's been a bit too much. Saying that.... Julie gets on my tits and so does Juliet. I love Sophie Stanbury and Caroline Fleming though. I'm not sure Marissa or Caroline S will be back if there's a 4th season.
Yeah I've been really enjoying this season of Ladies of London after the lacklustre season 2. Sophie and Adela are great additions. Caroline Stanbury has been a bit much this season by having problems with everyone, BUT I still think she's great entertainment and stays unashamedly true to who she is. Like she'll happily say she's being a 'cold-hearted bitch' or 'not that nice of a person'. Also, I enjoy seeing the women actually get pissed and puff on cigarettes. It makes nice change from BH where they rarely let themselves go.

All the American women annoy me for different reasons though. Julie for being so god damn patronising, plus if I hear the words 'taking over Mapperton' one more time! Juliet is so far up Caroline's arse but she's does have an adorable daughter and then Marissa is just a bit boring and doesn't tell the girls (Juliet and Caroline) what she really thinks to their face and leaves it to confessionals.
Of course they have:

Yeah, its been established that Beyonce's been a fan of the Atlanta ladies for years now.

I'm just so glad it feels like Beverly Hills is finally firing on all cylinders again. I can't get over how great the last episode was... from Dorit getting sloshed and creepily coming on to Eden... Lisa Rinna's "Let's talk about your arrest"... Eden's hinted darkness of "As sober women..." even Eileen's eternally botched attempts at stirring the pot... The only women who aren't contributing anything right now are the two OGs, Kyle & Pump.

Not to mention the brilliant return of Kim Richards. From her panty one-liner to immediately getting back into the mud and reigniting the Rinna fight.. Getting caught with the security tags still on her dress... This woman belongs on reality television as a full-timer.
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I really like these 3 together.

If Andy has any sense whatsoever, he'll keep the foundation of RHOA as Kenya/Kandi/Cynthia/Phaedra. They need to remain. I actually always thought he'd made a mistake getting rid of Sheree for a few years, so I'm delighted that she's back. She should never have left in the first place.

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I don't really believe Kim suits full-time reality TV status. I watched the Mother/Daughter Experiment and at times she displayed a really vindictive streak, quite nasty, and it was directed at her daughter. It was very uncomfortable to see how much she denied her addictions and her problems. Reality TV doesnt seem like a good fit for her, at least not full-time anyway. Of course I'd love to see her on the show. But not full-time. It must be stressful having to constantly be in the centre of a drama whirlpool.

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I like Kim but I don't want her back full time as it'd mean Vyle can use her as a storyline again.
Thank you for this. As someone who worked retail, I know security tags don't just "pop off" with applied pressure. You'd need to use a tool, and even then ink would likely explode or you'd tear the garment, so I doubt someone on reality TV would risk it. I knew it had to be something different, but as someone who doesn't shop at Bloomie's, I had no clue what it was.
I'm watching last season of RHOBH (I gave up after season 3, started back up again this new season) and.... Yolanda... I don't believe her.
Her medicine cabinet seemed fairly well stocked though. I gasped when she displayed it in front of the camera.
Yeah, I just watched that ep yesterday and I was shook too! But it could honestly be all vitamins and naturalistic approaches, furthermore you can get doctors to prescribe you anything.

I think this is a good read so I want to pass it along, but buzzfeed did an article last year about a woman who had severe Munchausen (what Lisa Rinna suggests Yolanda has) and impressed it on her daughter. Long story short, she basically hindered her daughters ability to walk, speak, learn, etc. all because of this. The second she got away from her mother, her symptoms cleared away.