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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I wonder if Erika's "You don't know what I deal with every night!" outbreak is about her relationship with her son.
  2. Yeah, I just watched that ep yesterday and I was shook too! But it could honestly be all vitamins and naturalistic approaches, furthermore you can get doctors to prescribe you anything.

    I think this is a good read so I want to pass it along, but buzzfeed did an article last year about a woman who had severe Munchausen (what Lisa Rinna suggests Yolanda has) and impressed it on her daughter. Long story short, she basically hindered her daughters ability to walk, speak, learn, etc. all because of this. The second she got away from her mother, her symptoms cleared away.
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  3. I think Yolanda was/is ill but her story was so muddled. Like "I haven't driven in 3 years" or "I haven't ran in 2 years" yet there was footage of her doing both the previous year. It just didn't make sense to me and there's so many stories 'proving' why she was full of shit. For what reason? I don't know but I'm happy she's not on the show anymore.
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  4. Yolanda's daughter became...

    (No, not drag queens!)
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  5. Weren't there rumours that her husband was in financial difficulties? Or did that turn out to be lies lies Liza's sister Lorna Luft?
  6. Oh and to add, the main problem I had with last season of BH is that it all became about LVP saying to Rinna, "why didn't you bring Kyle into it?" Or whatever it was which NO ONE GAVE A SHIT ABOUT. Why didn't Rinna bring Kyle into it anyway when she confirmed it was them two who initially texted about Munchausen? Yet somehow Kyle got away unscathed (why can't someone come for Kyle?!). ANYWAY, they should have kept on at Yolanda's BS but most were scared to go there with her.
  7. Edu


    Why are you doing this to yourself?
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  8. Oh, I don't know, but I really doubt that.. Her husband is like the top lawyer in the country, he's loaded.
  9. Last series was weird, it was like an investigation into Yolanda's illness that turned into exposing Vanderfake. Yet it was all quite dull.
  10. Thing is, there was nothing really to expose except one bloody comment which could have had two possible meanings. It's something the NY or Atlanta ladies wouldn't have even blinked about.
  11. I think that's the problem with Beverly Hills. They drag out one thing because otherwise there's no storyline.
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  12. Loving the new trailer for Vanderpump Rules. It's been pretty boring so far but Jax's gay rumours being exposed, Stassi & Jax, all the guys in drag, Stassi kissing Peter!? Oh and Stassi vs. that annoying Ariana.... Okay now I'm intrigued.
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  13. Jax is still hot.
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  14. Gurl...

    Vanderpump just feels so beyond its peak. It's all gone downhill since Stassi's initial exit. I keep watching, but it's becoming more of a chore as it goes on.
  15. It's weird but I feel the same. I thought bringing Stassi back would help but it kinda highlights how good it used to be even more so.
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  16. Vanderpump Rules needs a reboot with a new cast. I was hoping the additions of James and Lala were signalling that, but doesn't look like it worked out. It's weird, as the 'concept' of the show doesn't really necessitate long-time cast-members, but that's what seems to have happened.

    So, yesterday morning while hungover I watched Ladies of London for the first time, starting with the current season. I'm about 5 eps into it and I love it. Why this wasn't a 'Real Housewives of London' I don't know. Initial thoughts:
    - Caroline Stanbury is queen. She's such a cold bitch but not in an annoying way. Her serving lashings to the girls is everything.
    - The Americans are so fucking annoying. Marissa seems to cry in every scene, and Julie is wound tighter than a top. Their storylines would be more interesting if I didn't despise them so much.
    - Juliet doesn't have seem to have any solo scenes? Is she a main cast-member? What's up with that.
    - I love Adela
    - Caroline Fleming is batshit crazy and it's amazing. She's in her own world, is a sweetheart and reminds me of one of my best friends who is also Danish. She's very carefree but also stands up for whatever it is she believes.
    - Sophie is absolutely gorgeous and I love the bad girl streak in her.

    Will there be a season 4 with Caroline Stanbury moving to Dubai? I won't be watching if she goes and Julie / Marissa / Juliet stay on the show. Fire the three of them and upgrade Adela and Fleming's friend Kim to main cast and make sure Caroline S is around to film.
  17. I've been watching season seven of New Jersey to prepare me for the next season (slightly premature because I don't think they've even began filming yet) and I'd forgotten how much I love Siggy and Dolores, to a lesser extent. I hope they stay, they brought a breath of fresh air which the show desperately needed, so much fun and energy.

    If anything watching S7 has signified that Melissa is probably my least favourite, I liked her (in varying degrees, more so when she was at odds with Teresa) throughout seasons 2 -5. Yet, in the past two seasons, she's been so stale but with her shop now in trouble and drama with Kim D again, I reckon she'll most likely stay and I don't mind as long as she's much more fierce, like how she used to be. Meanwhile I'm loving S7, I hope they up the drama this year but with Danielle Staub most likely involved, I'm sure it won't disappoint.
  18. Wait until you go back to season 1 when Caprice was in it.

    I liked Annabelle, she was a bit closed and guarded in season 1 but she really came out of her shell in season 2. I kind of wonder whether she struggled a bit in season 1 with exposing her life by being on the show? Like, courting attention isn't the done thing for someone from old money, and she's supposedly quite private as well so all of that would have been an adjustment for her. Anyway, sad that she's not on the show at all, even as a friend.

    I hope Adela comes on full time, but who knows whether that might be too much for her with all of the drama and alcohol that is involved in their group scenes. I really like her a lot and I love that she's not afraid to butt heads with Caroline S. Caroline F is my absolute fave, I adore her and how carefree she is, unless there's no bacon and eggs on the menu!
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  19. So hot. He's such a babe.
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  20. People find Jax remotely attractive.... help.
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