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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. He used to be kinda hot but the coke bloat is real. Also he's just a horrible boyfriend so let's love ourselves more.
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  2. I don't 'believe' in the "coke bloat". People can't seem to decide whether coke makes you bloated or stick then, so_what_is_the_truth?.gif

    Hottie Jax has you girls pressed.
  3. Jax strikes me as one of the most disgusting men I've ever seen. That face has never been pleasant and his body aint all that.

    Schwartz is the only attractive male on the show. Sandovald and James are horrifying as well.
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  4. This week's Atlanta was great! Fast-paced, entertaining episode with lots of light shade. Next week looks like it will be the mid-season episode that gets it all jumped off, with the Porsha confrontation. Phraudra getting caught out in this clip is everything:

    Schwartz is completely plain looking, and with his electrocuted-puppy disposition becomes even less attractive. Sandoval and James are trash, but Jax and Peter are the hot two. They can tag team me everyday. And before anyone tells me to love myself, I most definitely do.
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  5. Everyone on VDP Rules is repulsive.
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  6. Tom Schwartz dresses like a grandad but yes to sum it up, all of them are repulsive. Let's be real.
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  7. They're too old to be faking employment as waiters.
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  8. Jax would be a great lay and you all know it.
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  9. I wonder why Porsha's violent episodes is being brought up again, maybe they're talking about the group trip? I see the Porsha fans have took over those YouTube comments. Personally I can't wait for Kenya to be messy again.

    I'm also intrigued as to why Kandi says "you better piggyback your ass up" to Porsha.
  10. Has anyone noticed how off LVP is looking in this season of RHOBH. She really didn't look all that human at Kyle's dinner party which leads me to suspect she needs to calm it with the fillers etc.
  11. I also... don't believe she's actually 56 like she claims. If you do some date hunting, it would make her 23 when she shot those music videos in the 80s when she honestly looked like she was in her 30s. Wouldn't be surprised if she's in her mid-60s and getting a lot of work done to try and throw everyone off.
  12. I don't believe it either. She looks like she's 65. Beverly Hills 65, yes, but still...
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  13. I've had very similar thoughts too. I think we're right.
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  14. In the trailer there's a different version of the clip where Porsha says something like "Don't start lying now, Kenya brought that up and then y'all piggy-backed off of it...[probably pertaining to her anger issues]", to which Kandi responds "Piggyback yo ass up you fake fuckin' bitch" - aka the quote of the season!
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  15. I really really hope we get a mid-season trailer for Atlanta with more from the camping trip, more of Lesbiangate, the trip to Maui and the Phaedra/Apollo/Sherien storyline. Hopefully there's one more big blowout that we don't know about at the end of the season before the reunion, which will no doubt be epic and could potentially rival season 6's. Hoping for guest spots from Legend Mama Joyce to drag Phaedra, and Apollo's new chick to leave Phaedra shook.
  16. I just wouldn't expect Kandi to get that mad over Porsha's issues - but then again she is getting sick and tired of Frick and Frack's BS. I love how in that one clip Phaedra is caught lying and has nothing to say and then Porsha could have just said, "Yeah i'm going to anger management", but clearly went to one session at the beginning of the season and never attended again.
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  17. The thing with Vanderfake is that she's never looked particularly young, she's always come across as the old one and that's because she is.
  18. Wait, Lisa claims she is 56???! My mother is 52, has never had any treatments done to her and looks about 10 years younger than Lisa. And my mom was a tanning queen for a solid 20 years!
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  19. I think it's a case of overdoing the botox/fillers. In season 1 her styling and hair was mess but she looked decent for 50, in season 2 and 3 she looked great. I highly doubt she's actually 68 or whatever y'all heifers are alleging. Maybe she fudged her age by a year or two but she's hardly a dinosaur - she just happens to be a decade older than Kyle and Erika and 15+ years older than Dorit.
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  20. I still think she looked late 50s in Season 1.

    Adrienne Maloof is no stranger to fillers and botox and I refuse to believe she and LVP are right around the same age.

    Unrelated, but I always forget how amazing Ramona Singer looks for her age (60!).
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