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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hmm I get that LVP may look older in comparison to the younger wives but Eileen is "older" than her alleged age and looks 10 years younger. I'm not saying Lisa's lying by 14 years but she is not 56, no way. If she is, she has aged herself severely with her treatments. Ramona is another good example, she looks fabulous and her face is mobile.
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  2. Edu


    Not Dorit and PK making an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice last night. I can't with these two. And Kyle was fired! I mean, terminated. Porsha is kind of slaying and I'm honestly surprised.
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  3. I'm in disbelief that Eileen is older than LVP. Looks 10 years younger.
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  5. God bless Kandi Burress. She's killing me this season.

    The Stassi/Ariana rivalry is the only positive thing I can say about this season of VPR.
  6. I love how Cynthia is like "I'm outta here". Kenya is so god damn messy following Porsha just to prod her some more and see if she really has been taking anger management, I live for it.

    I wonder what Porsha was saying to Kandi to get her so agitated.
  7. What actually happened with Eden's casting? Was she supposed to get a diamond and then last minute it was pulled?

    She even has her own cast photo -
  8. Faye Resnick and Marissa Zanuck (I_Dont_Know_Her.gif) both had cast photos + interview segments in season 3, if I recall correctly. No idea what's the story this year, though.

    I wouldn't be upset if they bump her up to full time status next season. She's been very likable and interesting thus far.
  9. Sorry to bring it back to VPR but Guillermo and Peter and KINGS
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  10. Oh dear. In terms of shit casting, she's up there with Cindy Barshop. What a bore.
  11. She was no Dana-Pam, that's for sure!
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  12. Did you know? $25,000.
  13. I actually liked Cindy Barshop. She was rather feisty against Ramona and Sonya. But for some reason she didn't manage to integrate herself too well.
  14. Watching Kyle recoil and become defensive at Eden's obvious concerns involving Kim makes me wonder how accurate or truthful her television series is expected to be. Although I don't expect her to depict her life with complete authenticity, I do imagine that she will bill this as something very "real" and "based on facts," even though she seems to enjoy displacing any sense of darkness or imperfection that infringes upon her comfort zone.

    From what I have read, her upbringing was very odd yet intriguing and already reads somewhat like a modern Jane Austen novel, filled with marriage plots, older men, beautiful women, and money. However, if she can't even stand (concerned) people speaking to her about her family's (very public) issues, how does she expect to reveal her childhood to the world?
  15. I'm watching this ep as I type and uh... I would be extremely defensive too. Kyle literally sat down to dinner and Eden's 2nd question to her was "So is your dead mom the one that passed on the drinking habits to your addict sister?" It was so invasive right off the bat. Stuff like that really sets the tone for conversations, and Eden already went in thinking Kyle hates her soooo

    Ya'll do too much on queen Kyle.
  16. Well:
    1. I actually like Kyle (I seriously have no idea what you're talking about)
    2. Eden's sister also died from addiction and also worked with Kim on movies when they were younger (and supposedly began said addictions) so the questioning, from my perspective, seemed more from a place of concern than a place of pry
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  17. Why are we italicizing every coordinating conjunction? Chillax, hombre.

    The "ya'll" was a general statement, not you specifically, because I do see a lot of excessive Kyle comments. And almost every conversation with every housewife (except Erika) has been about her sister's troubles, she's probably beyond sick of it. There's not much Kyle can do and she makes it quite clear she doesn't want to talk about this topic on camera.

    If Eden was so concerned, maybe she should stop making herself the center of the issue (oh, Kyle hates me because I'm sober and she hates sober people, I know all the answers, etc. etc. etc.) and have a conversation with Kim directly? (Because neither Eden or Kim have diamonds and they can only make that a storyline with connecting a piece: Kyle. oop.)
  18. I feel like I'm in another dimension listening to Dorit tell people not to bring up the panty situation.
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  20. Enjoyed that BH episode again. Rinna and Eden's conversation was messy as hell. Loved seeing Erika and Kyle in Mykonos. Dorit handled Eileen and Rinna perfectly, she made her points and finally they agreed to just start over (no more panty talk!).

    And I know you all don't like LVP on here, but I thought the scene with Max was really touching. Despite her flaws, you can tell she's a really good fucking mother. I've seen adoption situations go bad first hand, when an only child is jealous of the newcomer and vice versa etc and I think it speaks volumes that there was never any trouble with Pandora.
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