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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Brilliant aftermath after game night, back to how BH should be, even LVP scenes were touching. I love Rinna but she just needs to stay out of Kim's business now, you think she'd be aware of this after two seasons but supposedly not. Saying that, it makes for great entertainment, so messy.
  2. Marisa was a great 'friend'.

    Was I the only one shocked at how big Lisa Vanderpumps ass is?
    Also, for the first time in seven series I found myself siding with Kyle! Eden was way to invasive
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  3. Edu


    "I am going as an AMERICAN to support democracy( and hey I got invited. ..!)"
    Oh, Jill... We know you're desperate and we love you for that but c'mon.
  4. I'm often confused as to how producers decide who becomes and stays a housewife. It seems to do less with airtime and more to do with keeping their egos in line. LuAnne, Brandi and Sheree were star MVPs of their demoted seasons as "friends", while Taylor Armstrong & Heather Thompson were barely even on their last seasons as actual housewives.

    The size of the cast doesn't seem to factor in either, considering NYC and Miami had 8 wives at one point, while New Jersey was down to 4 at another, despite the two Kims being desperate and well-positioned to fill open slots.

    Marisa was fine as a sidekick but didn't have a storyline of her own. Same with Dana/Pam. Producers should have relegated Joyce & Kathryn as friends too considering they did absolutely nothing to deserve their diamonds.

    I will say again I'm shocked that Faye Resnick never joined the cast as an actual housewife. All the ingredients were right -- buzzy name recognition, organic history with the ladies, full of bitchy one-liners.. Andy seemed obsessed with her at one point... I'm guessing she was either demanding too much money or was afraid to dive all the way in as a villain.
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  5. I'm watching BH from the beginning. Kyle has always bugged me, I couldn't stand her or Kim in season 2, but I've just reached season 4 and ever since the season 3 reunion I am team Kyle all the WAY. I can't stand LVP acting like she's so offended by Kyle when we can all see she doesn't actually give two shits, and I can't stand the LVP-Brandi-Yolanda alliance that is going on. I totally believe Kyle and Kim about what Yolanda said about Lisa in Paris. Brandi is a mean girl, Lisa is manipulative and Yolanda's a cold, boring woman. Kyle has somehow gone from one of the most annoying cast members to my main protagonist.
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  6. Marisa Zanuck was too normal and grounded to be a BH housewife. Sort of like Kim Fields but less annoying. I'd want to be friends with her, but her personality doesn't suit reality TV.

    Carlton was a good BH housewife on paper, but she didn't integrate too well with the other ladies. I liked her a lot and was sad to see her go. I thought she deserved another season to redeem herself. Joyce on the other hand, I was happy to see her leave.
  7. The best thing about Carlton was her house, tbh.

    And the fact that everyone was afraid she would cast a spell on them.
  8. I'm beginning to really like Dorit a lot. She's messy, talks too much at times, but essentially she's a good person and entertaining television. Eden is a great addition too.
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  9. I think people were way too harsh on Dorit the first few episodes. She didn't really do anything that bad. And I think the way she invited Eileen and Rinna to lunch to get past everything was a really smart move. That is something that LVP should have done with Eileen/Rinna last season to shut them down because they will just end up bringing stuff up in group situations where it feels more like an attack like in Dubai.
  10. I agree. It was the first proper adult conversation I've watched on that show....possibly ever, but that's only because I can't recall those women acting in an adult manner. Having Brandi alongside them probably made that difficult. The fact the entire conversation was initiated by Dorit is a very good sign for her.
  11. I can't believe people are actually defending Eden (not talking about this forum in particular.) She met Kyle two days ago and she's asking her if her dead mom was an alcoholic. What the fuck??? She's crazy.
    I still don't love Dorit, but yeah at least she can be entertaining (and she looked so good during lunch with Eileen and Lisa.) Her husband, on the other hand...
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  12. We're overdue this season for Kyle doing a split while wearing a kaftan at a party when the attention shifts even slightly away from her for a minute, right?
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  13. Eden having breakdown and making Kim's struggle her own was simply disgusting. Bless Erika for "Juliette waiting for Romeo" when describing view on Mykonos. Oh baby, wrong country, wrong architecture style, nope and she need to axe her main gay, he's awful. Keep stirring Dorit, get this show going.
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  14. So from the promo it looks like it's maybe Eden with the Xanax problem? Or Rinna? Dorit seemed a little surprised by it.

    And I can see Dorit getting the ball rolling aka going to LVP, Kyle and Erika saying "we bonded over Xanax and smoothies".
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  15. Do I think Eden over stepped her boundaries yes, but at the same time Kim chose and still chooses to be on this show and if you don't want to be talked about stop appearing full stop. Kyle needs to learn how to defend her sister, you can't call her an alcoholic on national TV and then cry wolf whenever anyone brings her up. Also that fact that she's is partly responsible for Kim appearing this season, maybe Rinna is kinda right. Kyle is low key enabling her. If you're going to keep appearing on the show I don't know why you can't have a conversation with another woman who has gone through everything you're going through and has been sober for 4/5 years, and not to mention they do have history and Eden did lose her sister to the same thing.
    Although I will agree Eden came in guns blazing and didn't need to start the lunch with, was your mother the alcoholic. I neeed Season 1 Kyle, if she really cares about Kim she would have shut Rinna down a long time ago. She's too passive these days.
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  16. Only thing Kim can learn from Eden is how to switch from alcohol to Xanax. Eden sobriety is pretentious act.I do not understand how Kim appearing on the show jsutifies a stranger questioning Kyle about her dead mother. Rinna tried that nonsense about "similar experience gave me all the knowledge and skills to solve other peoples problems". Honey, there's reason alcoholics don't make good psychologists.
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  17. Pretty sure it's obvious the reason Kim makes any appearance on this show is because she needs a paycheck.
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  18. Not siding with Kim or Eden on this one.

    Side-eyeing all the BH ladies because all they know how to do is rehash old old OLD drama though.

    That said, still here for Eden. I still think she's magnetic on camera.
  19. Second this, praying she'll have a diamond in the palm of her hands by this time next year, so enigmatic.
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  20. I listened to the latest Bitch Sesh episode and they were talking about Ladies of London... is the show really that good this season? I've seen the first season and liked it but didn't bother with the second. Can I jump right in season 3?
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