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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I binged watched Beverly Hills last night, this season is improving slowly.

    I think Dorit should've been a friend of, and Eden or Kim should've had her diamond.

    This season is still lacking something for me though.
  2. Edu


  3. Nice to see that at least SOME Housewives aren't Trumpettes.
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  4. Oh dear Jill!
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  5. So is Eden actually part of the cast? I don't really like her, she seems annoying.

    Whatever, as long as I get to see Erika.
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  7. Yes. Bring her back!
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  8. I think she was making a joke cause she described the balcony as a Juliet Balcony. (You could take issue with the fact that they weren't actually on a Juliet Balcony as it was much too big.)
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  9. If you wanted to you can skip Season 2, but Season 3 is like a fresh start or at least for me it was. Annabelle dragged it down for me. The new ladies are great addition and the show is actually better than this season of RHOBH for me. So yes catch up with the rest of us!
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  10. Okay I kinda sorta want Nene to make some appearances next season or return. The dynamic seems to have changed with her and the ladies.

  11. After this weeks episode of RHOBH I take back what I said about Eden.

    As someone who is also sober I find her behaviour really invasive and almost pretentious. I mean good for her she's clearly working a program that she's benefitting from it but there isn't a one size fits all method in sobriety, so what's working for her won't necessarily work for another addict. It's almost as if she feels entitled to go trawling through the Richard's family history because her own experience with addiction gives her some right to do so.

    On the flip side I do find it interesting that Kyle would deny that any alcoholism stemmed from Big Cathy despite previously telling us that she was at Studio 54 when she was 10 and Kim used to drive her Mother around at age 12.
  12. It'd be interesting to see her being friendly with Kandi & Kenya.
  13. From the other clips I've seen of Nene on WWHL - she is back to being really likeable, hella shady and just fun to watch aka the Nene that we all love. And yeah, its interesting how since she left the show, her relationship with Phaedra and Porsha seems to have completely diminished. Would certainly make it interesting if she returned next season. And I think what she said about Kandi vs Phaedra vindicates Kandi somewhat.

    Nene, Kandi, Kenya and Cynthia hanging out would be entertaining as hell.
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  14. Nene is very untrustworthy and strategic in her friendships. One season she likes Kenya, then she hates her, then she hates Phaedra, then she's there for her during the divorce. I couldn't be friends with someone like Nene.
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  15. I'm not alone in thinking this season of Atlanta is proof positive that Nene isn't really necessary, right? I mean I obviously loved the seasons she was on, but I don't think I need her back.

    I do wish that show where she and Kim Zolciak go on a road trip would've materialized, though. That I would pay to see.
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  16. I am in TEARS at Kenya riling Porsha up about her anger management.

    "So... are you on medication? ... Did you get a certificate?"
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  17. So far today I've watched 9 episodes of the new season of Atlanta. I can't believe it's taken me so long to get into it.
  18. I can't help but find Lisa Rinna to be absolutely hilarious. The hair, the manic energy, the gestures, the drama, mentioning Harry Hamlin every 2 minutes, the way she says "Let's talk about your arrest."

    She's also really annoying but I can't help but be entertained.
  19. She is such an awful human but I can't look away (and she's such a necessary presence). It's so addicting.
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  20. Jacqueline Laurita has seemingly declared bankruptcy! And she was so obsessed with Teresa's finances.
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