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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Just in time for Season 8 to start filming and for Tersea & Danielle to end her.
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  2. Amy Phillips is always so spot on in her impressions.

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  3. Edu


    Oh my GOD I didn't see her Dorit yet. The wig is not right yet but the terrible accent is on point. Her Luann and Lisa Rinna are my favorites. The guys on Watch What Crappens do an amazing Dorit impression too.
  4. Atlanta has been pretty great without Nene, but I'd be fine having her back so long as she's off her high horse.

    Rinna pulling out her back of pills was hilarious & horrifying all at once.

    RE Ladies of London: The show, this season especially, is better than half of the Housewives shows and I cannot recommend it enough.
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  5. Ladies of London thrive of the drama and don't like being PC. It's AMAZING.
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  6. This week's Atlanta was another great episode. This season hasn't really had any jaw-dropping moments so far, but every episode has been solid and everyone is bringing it. Porsha sounded more switched-on and intelligent than she has in the past five years, in her scene with Todd (I would have piggybacked my ass up with the quickness) and then in the group scene. Kenya, messy as hell as always but play your position as the shit stirrer girl. Phaedra had nothing to say once she was exposed for lying, and then denied mentioning anger management to Kenya later in her confessionals. Girl, you need to stay on top of your lies - to quote Cynthia "girl your slip is starting to show." Kandi looks like she doesn't care to be on this show at all, she turns up to scenes dressed like she's shovelling shit on a farm and then eats and side-eyes/gurns her way through conversations. I used to love me some Kandi but she's losing me. The only issue is that a lot of these storylines and relationships are so played out now, we really need some game-changers (like Kenya was when she joined.)

    Season 10 - give Kandi a one-season spin-off show with her Klique and family, replace her with Nene and make Cynthia Nene's FOH. Bring Kim Z back for more guest appearances, find a new rich bitch to intimidate Nene.
  7. Porsha did sound more 'with it' in the Todd scenes. What is with these Atlanta men? They all seem so phony. I laughed though at Porsha when Kenya asked if she was on medication and she said something like, "I'm not on no damn meditation".

    I'm just excited for the trip now. I've enjoyed this season of Atlanta, but they need to get things moving quicker like they used to. For example, Phaedra talking shit about Kandi and Shamea should have been brought to the girls much sooner than next episode. I've been waiting too long for Kandi's reaction to it. And I need Kenya to somehow get involved and stir it up.
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  8. And about BH, Kyle actually made me fucking laugh this episode with the Erika impersonation. I was shocked and hating myself that I was enjoying her so much. To add to that, Erika, Dorit and LVP were all super entertaining.

    Again, I know a lot of you don't like LVP but she was really funny this episode AND I thought she handled Dorit perfectly at the end as to whether the big bag of pills was a big deal or not. She didn't feed into it like a lot of these other housewives would.

    Rinna on the other hand continues to be a mess. I mean do you really need to carry all them pills around with you everywhere you go? It seemed batty as hell. And Eden... oh Eden... I really feel like she's projecting onto the Richard sisters and I totally understand why they are not having it. Like not everything Kim says or does needs to be under scrutiny. It's creepy.

    The preview for next week with the conversation between LVP and Eden - that is the LVP that I can get behind.
  9. I lived for Rinna's medication bag, creepy yet hilarious in equal measure. I was even feeling Kyle in the latest episode... what a step in the right direction these last three episodes have been compared to the beginning of the season. Next week's episode looks just as entertaining!

    As for Atlanta, I don't really want Nene back in all honesty. It happened, it was cool while it lasted but she's not on the show anymore. The show is about an ensemble cast, not a confirmation for her over-inflated ego. I'm not really keen on any of them leaving, but if I wanted any to go it would have to be Kenya or Cynthia long as I get to see that Lake House.
  10. I don't want any of them to leave. I think Atlanta has the perfect cast. Cynthia may be quiet, but she's very stylish and she has real relationships with the women that can't be replicated by 'new housewives'.
  11. Kenya is one of the more entertaining members of the cast for Atlanta so she needs to stay.
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  12. I've tried two episodes of the new season of the Ladies of London but I'm really not into it.

    I don't think it's funny at all and the drama is just as petty as Beverly Hills without the dark, brooding background to back it up.
  13. Just seen on Twitter that Meghan from OC won't be returning for season 12.
  14. The American women really bring the show down in my opinion. They are all different levels of annoying - Marissa less so.

    Julie is the absolute worst, even more annoying than Juliet. Why has Sophie had to repeat herself 3 times about the whole not talking about Caroline Stanbury behind her back? It's crazy to me how Julie just does not get it - they are family for god sake! And then when Adela was like, "Should I talk to Juliet in front of the girls?" and Julie screamed, "Yes!" and then when Juliet reacted (unusually) normal about it, Julie then kicks up a fuss about how talking behind peoples back is really just talking about you feelings... "behind the person's back" as Sophie added. Urgh, she's so frustrating.

    Caroline S, Caroline F, Sophie S and Adela remain queens of the show. And did anyone clock Caroline's birthday cake when she was younger? It was a Marlboro Red box haha.
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  15. Does anyone have that gif of all of the OG Beverly Hills wives (and Yolanda) mom dancing at Kyle's white party from a few seasons ago? I need it.

    Edit: Also! I'm finally done complaining about this season of Beverly Hills. I'm really enjoying it again. I even liked Kyle and LVP a lot in this past week's episode? Is Mercury in Retrograde?
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  16. This is the only one I can find. Mum dancing.

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  17. Thank God for you.
  18. ^This was my avatar at one point. Iconic. I love Yolanda's dance moves so much.
    Kyle is great now, you all need to accept it and forget Vyle from a few seasons ago. She's probably the one who would be the most fun to hang out with (+ Erika.) I really love these two together, by the way. Their friendship seems much more natural than Lisa and Kyle's at this point.
    I'm not done with the episode yet, but Dorit was pretty funny during the rollerblading lesson (that lasted two minutes...) I like her so much more when she's not with PK or not talking about Boy George.
  19. I wonder if we'll ever see Erika stand up for one of these women. I guess she stuck up for Yolanda, but that was questionable seen as it was all directed at LVP and not Rinna/Kyle. We just haven't seen her voice her opinion on any other issue on the show that she is not involved in, like how does she feel about Rinna calling Kyle an enabler etc? Part of me thinks she's just too busy going, "HOW MANY FUCKS DO I GIVE?! ZERO ZERO ZERO FUCKS".

    Still laughing at that confessional, damn you Kyle.
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  20. I'm howling at Kyle and Lisa's phone conversation.
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