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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Can the Ladies of London stop pretending that they drink Barefoot wine?
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  2. Julie and Juliet need to be fired from Ladies of London.
  3. Well hell has frozen over because I'm starting to really like and enjoy Kyle. I am a little worried though as we're 8 episodes into the season and Kyle hasn't done the splits yet.

    Also - Eden really needs to wind her neck in.
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  4. This season is really weird because no one's being consistent. Eden started off being likeable and has turned into a weirdo in recent episodes. Kyle & Vanderpump actually being somewhat entertaining in the most recent episodes (that says a lot when I dislike both of them).
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  5. Vanderpump is totally more passive this season which makes her a lot more likeable. I get the feeling she has checked out of RHOBH judging from stuff she's mentioned in interviews.
  6. I'm on season 4 and Kyle is probably my fav at the moment. Is something wrong with me, or does Vyle come out later? I couldn't stand her during seasons 2 and 3 but season 4 has me on her side.

    Also I LOVE Kim this season and it's breaking my heart knowing that she relapses!
  7. Vyle is mostly seasons 1 & 2 I believe although she has some rather vicious moments with Brandi & her sister in season 5.

    In season 6, I don't really remember her time on the show but she does stick up for the morally corrupt Faye Resnick again.
  8. Eden explaining why she broke up with this guy and LVP looking at her like she's half past insane. I love it.

    Dorit's reaction when Eden said she'd pop a Xanax in her smoothie despite being sober was gold. Too bad she made me cringe 10 minutes later when she insulted Erika with the "You look so much better than the last time you came to my party" comment

    This show trying to force me to care about Boy George is getting to be a bit much.

    and the preview for next week, LVP being all "We got off on the right foot, but my other foot will kick you in the ass if you go after my girl Kyle" #SquadGoals
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  9. I'd say all the BH wives were tolerable this week, which I almost never say. Kyle can be fun when she's as far from her family & LVP as possible, and it's great seeing Erika bring that out of her. I want to like Eden, but she's looking nutso in the worst way.

    Also feeling the same way about ATL, although that's far more common for me. My main issue has been Cynthia, but now the Peter drama is basically done, she's fun again too. I love the Kandi home invasion stuff.

    The Americans have always been the worst thing about Ladies Of London. They're all insufferable & pointless since the Pilot.
  10. Dubrow is OUT.

    With this, along with Meghan not returning and Kelly saying she most likely won't return, it looks like we're in for a cast overhaul. I'm here for Vicki, Tamra and Shannon staying with three new women coming in.
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  11. Disappointed with Heather but she thinks she's above it all now. I hope Kelly comes back. I really do!
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  12. I'm glad Heather isn't back but I'd rather Vicki would take the hint and fuck off.
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  13. It was time for Heather and Meghan to go.

    Lets wait for confirmation about Kelly, but like she said it's unlikely she will return.

    I'm surprised after such a great season, they would let three housewives go.

    I watched an interview last week with Shannon and Tamra, and they stated they would not film with Vicki again. So how's this going to work?
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  14. Heather leaving is great but Megan and Kelly leaving over Tamra and Vicki is... disappointing.
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  15. It won't work. But I wouldn't work with Vicki. A cancer scammer like that? Absolutely no way in hell. I would quit rather that be near Vicki.
  16. They might say that they won't film with her, but they have no real say if they sign on. If someone was paying me hundreds of thousands of dollars to film a show with someone I hated, I'd take it. If they can't bear her that much, then get off her show.

    So happy Dubrow is out - season 11 made me hate her. Meghan was cute in the end but so annoying in season 10.

    I'm on the verge of an emotional breakdown at the fact that Kelly isn't coming back.
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  17. I liked Meghan but I'm not surprised she's off the show.
  18. I will really miss Kelly, hopefully she will make a few appearances with Vicki.

    I think Kelly and Meghan were fired, Heather confirmed she quit the show.

    Kelly was a great addition, she deserved at least one more season.
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