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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Watching this week's Beverly Hills now. Eden has a screw loose and we better keep her next season!
  2. I don't know why they haven't aired Potomac yet. Andy tweeted months ago that he had watched the first six episodes of the season and that they were great. They started filming in April/May time last year and filming was seemingly done by the time summer wrapped up. My theory is that they're waiting until Atlanta is nearly over to start Potomac to retain the Atlanta viewers but spread them out over the year. Dallas I think has finished filming but who knows when they'll put it back on air, and Melbourne hasn't started filming yet as far as I know. The production company is focusing on the Sydney Housewives, which premieres at the same time Melbourne usually would. If they cancel Melbourne I may as well cancel my life.
  3. Melbourne has been greenlit for Season 4. There will be a cast shakeup as far as I know. It's more than likely sure that Gina, Janet, Lydia and Jackie are back.

    They can keep Janet and Jackie though.
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  4. Thank God it's coming back! I thought Janet had one of the most compelling individual storylines last season. I love her. With Chyka gone they just need to dump Susie (one of the most boring housewives of all time) and keep PF, Gina, Jackie, Janet, Lydia and Gamble. Maybe toss in one new housewife or friend of the housewives for drama.
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  5. Gamble better be back. I wouldn't mind Jackie being fired, Susie should be fired for sure. Queen Gina has to stay obviously.
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  6. Any updates on New York?
  7. Bethenny's ex Jason was arrested for stalking and harassing her on Friday after he showed up to her daughter's school and yelled that he would destroy her. She skipped a charity event that all the other wives filmed that night, but went on a cast ski trip this weekend.
  8. Yikes, Jason seems really awful. I now feel bad for thinking he was cute in a hubby-material kinda way on Bethenny Ever After.
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  9. Jason and Bethenny are equally awful; 'tis why they were a perfect match.

    Melbourne minus Chyka, Jackie, and Susie is a dream come true.
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  10. Eden needs to fuck off. She's a loon and seems VERY insecure about her sobriety. She was giving me Laganja teas when she was talking to Kyle about how Kim was rude to her at Dorit's party.
  11. Edu


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  13. I got Miss Erika Jayne.


    Or am I Erika Giradi?

  14. I got LVP.


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  15. Kandi questioning Phaedra's storyline, or lack thereof this season:

    She even says, "it's like a friend to the show at this point". I can't wait for the RHOA reunion.
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  16. I miss New York so much! I enjoy watching Atlanta and Beverly Hills but New York and Orange County are my shit.
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  17. Woo! I got Erica too. Second time round I got LVP.
  18. My girl Tamara Tattles is reporting that Lydia has signed on officially for season 12 of OC, as has that girl Brianna Stanko, who runs an online business selling make up. She's a friend of Vicki's but Tamara says she'll be brought on as Kelly's friend. As long as Kelly, Tamra and Vicki are back I'm happy. Still think it's weird that Lydia is getting an orange over Gretchen, but Lydia is a rich bitch so I guess it makes sense.

    EDIT: I got Rinna in that quiz. Not sure how I feel.
    "You’re an instigator who lives for drama and hardly denies it. You’d rather die than admit you were wrong or say you’re sorry." First part true, second part not so accurate. But I'll take it.
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  19. I got Eden kiii
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  20. I got LVP which is annoying because I picked a golden retriever over the generic white lady puffball dog and opted for the overly apologetic option (though none really suited me) which we know she ain't capable of.

    But Buzzfeed quizzes really are just shit. I wanted Eileen!
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