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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I got Erika! OH YES, happy with that result.

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  2. I got VDP... I wanted Erika.
  3. So I just watched WWHL with Rinna and Eileen and it was so unusual to see Rinna not "owning" it. She said she hasn't been a shit stirrer and that she actually told Eden she wanted to move on from the Kim thing, so it's up to Eden what she does. Which is fair enough, but she still told the woman that Kim was near death etc etc. Normally she would be like, "you know I said it, I shouldn't have but I own it".

    Anyway, in the preview for next week it seems like it ALL gets back to Kyle via LVP via Eden that it was Rinna who started it and thus we get, "Lisa Rinna needs to sew her fucking lips shut".
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  4. I got Erika Giradi! So glad my years of pussy patting have paid off.


    Can we talk about this photo for a second? Carole is looking snatched't and throwing some excellent shade at Luann by turning her back to her. And Ramona is Benjamin Buttoning into Avery with each passing day! Divorce continues to look great on her.

    I'm also really hoping that Tinsley is as big of a mess as she's always been made out to be.
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  5. How disappointing. Rinna's run of 'owning it' is my favorite thing about her, and this is one mess I really don't think she can talk her way out of. Maybe she could, but denial certainly isn't the way.
  6. So excited for NY to come back. When will we get the trailer? All the girls seem to be pretty good right now, I wonder who's had conflict.

    Yeah. It's like she's doing the same thing she accused LVP of doing last year, except she failed miserably because she actually said those things to Eden on camera. Excited to see it escalate though.
  7. Carole does not look good to me.
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  9. Just caught up on the past few episodes and must say Dorit has really come into her own. Definitely one of my favorites, along with Eileen and Erika. The presence of Kim, Eden, and Camille has made this season really open up and I'm loving it.
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  10. Dorit does seem like careless fun, though it's really only coming through because Eden is horrible.
  11. I think Dorit is a fun addition and she's starting to find her place in the group. Eden is fucking awful, but I don't mind it seeing as she creates all the drama this season.
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  12. Cheshire has been renewed for two more series. Bring back MAGALI!
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  13. I'm still annoyed Bravo has only aired the first season of Cheshire. It's no Melbourbe, but I really enjoyed it & am dying to see the following seasons.
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    I mean it. She's the only one who can take on Dawn bloody Ward.
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  15. The second series was the best but when Magali left it got a bit dull. Lauren, Ampika and Magali are my favourites.
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  16. Great news! Would love for Magali to return and take on the devil also known as Dawn Ward (Magali, Dawn, Leanne, Ampika, Misse, Stacey & a new housewife would be cute for S5?

    Does it look like they'll air the more recent seasons anytime soon in the US? 2 & 3 are great seasons!
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  17. Lauren and Ampika are my favourites, and while I didn't really like Magali, she was good as Dawn's nemesis.

    Dawn hasn't really faced the same amount of resistance since Magali left, and I think she's overdue for a LVP style takedown, or at least an attempt. Either one could be entertaining!
  18. Very happy about Cheshire. A perfect Season 5 would include:
    Dawn, Magali, Leanne, Ampika, Lauren, Stacey, Tanya, Misee (FOH) and Seema (FOH).

    Imagine - Dawn/Tanya/Seema/Stacey vs. Magali/Ampika/Lauren/Leanne. It would be delicious. Each group of four can start off as their own groups and how they have particular disdain for each other but with the main drama surrounding Dawn and Magali. Misse can come in for an episode only to be blasted back to hell by Magali which would kick start off all of the mess. Stacey will beef with Leanne and get close to Dawn only to reconcile with Leanne and tell her everything Dawn has said. Tanya and Ampika will have their millionth row with each other over Dawn then Ampika will finally stop worrying about being Tanya's friend and just frost her out whilst Tanya wants her back. Lauren will be flawless with everyone but Seema.

    Best season ever yes?
  19. Yes @Blayke get hired as the director immediately! Also you forgot to mention Lauren will be calling Seema.... Screama.
  20. Kandi has said in a recent interview that this her last contracted year and that she's really not sure if she'll sign up again after all the drama of this season. If she does leave I reckon they should just refresh the whole cast, I'm not bothered too much about the other girls anymore.

    Maybe keep Sheree though, just for her reactions.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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