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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Sheree has been a bit rubbish this year. I loved her last year though.
  2. No one cares for Sheree's personal storyline, but her shit stirring is keeping the drama going at least.
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  3. For S5 of Cheshire they need to fire all of them, apart from Ampika Dawn and Lauren. Add Magali into the mix and a brand new housewife.

    The reunions for this franchise are so dire, but I quite enjoyed the last series.
  4. Ampika is remarkable in her efforts to upstage everyone, because she always succeeds. I loved last year when the Cheshire Housewives went on holiday, and Ampika's storyline about her breakup resulted in her wrecking the holiday by staying in bed crying a bit too much to be true. And then she arrived at Dawn's event in a helicopter! Oh I love her.
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  5. Allison Dubois is so iconic.
  6. Ampika is so extra but that's also why she's perfect for the show. Whether it's speaking to the dead or crying in a hotel room over a mystery man, this woman always has a storyline and is the only Cheshire wife I root for since Queen Mags left.

    As for Sheree, her messyness has been vital to carrying the season.
  7. Sheree has been essential this season for driving the drama. I love that she's coming out of all the shit stirring unscathed. Rinna should take notes.
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  8. Oh shit, 2nd half of RHOBH looks LIT. Why tf didn't Eden get a diamond.

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  9. I adore Dorit now. Keep her.
  10. Yesssss the rest of this season looks amazing. Go awf Eden.

    I love Dorit now too which makes me nervous for a Eryka/Dorit fight. Who will I side with?!
  11. Yes! It was nice to see Erika integrate more with the ladies and voice her opinion on a few things. I have no idea how Rinna is gonna wiggle her way out of this one, her response to Kyle asking her about the 'close to death' comment will be interesting.

    I can also say that I really love Dorit now. I have no idea how her and Erika are gonna get into it again seen as pantygate has long gone. And I can't tell who she's arguing with at the table in Hong Kong.

    Come through season 7!
  12. Edu


  13. That isn't Tiffany... is it?
  14. It is and I'm here for New York appearing on New York.
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  15. Tiffany needs to get on a Housewives show. She needs to be on any decent dramatic reality show basically.
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  16. I'm starting to love Dorit and hate myself for it. PK is still trash though.

    Eden gave me LYFE in that preview.
    "I've given you so much of my time and my energy and my FUCKING heart, YOU BITCH!"

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  17. Okay so I'm totally starting to go off Lisa Rinna and understand Eden again. Also I love that iconic line in the preview.
  18. Ever since I saw Tiffany on CBB, I've wanted her on Housewives. The mid-season trailers for BH and ATLANTA look incredible, go off Eden!! ...and Erika!! ...and Kandi!!! ...and Kim Zolciak who makes an appearance!!!!

    Also for some strange reason Kyle has blocked me n twitter which I find odd as I've never trolled her or wrote anything offensive towards her, simply stated I wouldn't want her on the show next season... why is it that the word: sensitive has never been more prolific, what kind of Camile teas.
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