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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

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  3. I really wish I could like Rinna. I get she's great entertainment but everything she does irritates the hell out of me.
  4. The way Phaedra just said absolutely NOTHING around that table and let Porsha take the wrap for it... How can Porsha not be mad at that (I get Frick'n'Frack are an alliance but still). I was living for Kenya's reaction though when it came out.
  5. The whole table scene was amazing. Sheree is the gift that keeps on giving. Porsha came off so... dense.

    Kandi has put up with a lot, I'm ready for her meltdown to leave Porsha shook.
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  6. Sydney is going to be sooooo good.

  7. RE: Erika's "you don't know what I go through!" comment

    I'd be surprised if her husband is going broke. Isn't he bank rolling her music career? I'm sure that would be the first thing to be "cut" if they were running low on funds.

    Honestly, I think it's about how controlling her husband is. He's kind of an asshole and it leaves me shook whenever he tells someone to shut up or whatever. Erika *constantly* talking about how perfect her marriage is and how it works so well seems like it could be covering up something.
  8. Porsha and Phaedra aren't coming across very well in recent episodes of Atlanta, especially Porsha. She seems stupid and petty. Stupid, petty people are probably rather easy to manipulate and that's why she makes an ideal friend to Phaedra. I also don't like how disloyal Porsha appeared with Shamea, her actual friend.
  9. I need NYC to come back now. I'm so bored by the rest of the RH series that are airing right now.
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  10. I don't relish a series of Bethenny screaming at people, insulting them and being vile without anyone to call her out on it. She has too much power on that show.
  11. The latest Atlanta episode was great. Porsha and Fakedra are just a tad vile though.
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  12. I am curious to see at the reunion whether Phaedra and Porsha apologise or most likely, get defensive. Porsha has already backtracked and said she doesn't know anything about Kandi and Shamea so we will see. I'm also annoyed that the Phaedra talking shit didn't even get back to Kandi. She said that she found out when the episode aired.

    And didn't Phaedra throw another shot at Kandi about her not being college educated or something? Kandi is going to own Phaedra at the reunion, I can't wait.
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  13. Me either! and yeah Kandi was scoring Billboard Hot 100 Hitss while Phaedra was assuming the role of Head Doctor.
  14. Like we expected, Rinna didn't own any of it and is gonna go after Eden for throwing her under the bus. She's such a mess for doing the whole "I don't remember saying that". LVP was so happy that Rinna was exposed as it just delegitimises Rinna's whole argument last season.

  15. "Do you have a live-in housekeeper?"
    "Never a live-in but seven days a week"

    She cracks me up.
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  16. Last night's BH was a bit meh but I did laugh at Rinna's performance.

    Gurl better own it at the reunion because it's right there on tape.
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  17. Lisa Rinna basically lost all her argument against Vanderpump last series by pretending to not remember what she said. Even though I'm not a fan, I did laugh at Vanderpump mocking Rinna with "own it!".
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  18. Rinna is screwed. You can tell Dorit and Eileen were like... ermmm when she was crying because it is the antithesis of the Rinna we've seen the last two seasons. Kyle coming out smelling like roses, Rinna digging her own grave, and Erika continuing to serve logic and sensibility.
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  19. LVP went grilling on Rinna. She was living for every second of it.
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