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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I just don't get why she's done it, you can't act like your above the show when you signed up for it lovey, i'm so glad Kim see's Vyle exactly for what she is and from the looks of next week Mauricio's true colours are finally coming out to.

    Marisa does seem very promising, as soon as she stood up for Brandi I knew i'd like her already.
  2. Oh dear, I forgot about this.
  3. Well I'm with Brandi here in thinking Yolanda is brilliant... she looks amazing, she's stinking rich, she's so very European and everything that comes out of her mouth is a gift.
  4. She looks like she'll get slightly better by next episode as she seems to be quite bitchy about Adrienne.
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  5. I've just started watching season 5 of the New York series.

    It's the first time I've watched Real Housewives. I'm simultaneously amazed and bemused.
  6. [video=youtube;8jEcLtBABas][/video]

    ' twirl, twirl, twirl...'

    T-Boz is probably secretly fuming that a 10 minute reality show argument has given Kenya more of a pop career than her 4 episodes of trying to relaunch one.

    There better be a video.
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  7. BTG



    But you've missed NYC at it's best.

    The rise and rise of Bethenny, the downfall of Jill, Alex finding her backbone, Kelly going mental, Scary Island.....
  8. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Oh, if you like Season 5 you NEED to watch 1 - 3 like, Born This Gay has said.

    Yes, it was embarrassing.

    Oh dear. This is going a bit Countess LuAnn now. Kenya, don't become that messy.
  9. Kenya's song Gone With The Wind Fabulous is amazing, it makes me want to watch Atlanta again haha.
  10. Okay so Beverly Hills...

    I can't stand Vyle's irrelevant husband, Vyle and her sister Kim (who still seems such a STATE).

    The plotline just seems to be really depressing/frustrating.
  11. Kim needs to distance herself from the show completely, she's obviously not into doing it at all and im guessing she just did Season 3 to try and show herself in a better light from last season.
    Im loving Marisa, why she's friends Vyle I do not understand, Mauricio is a twat, Yolanda continues to be a waste of time, this season is becoming more of a chore than Season 4 of New Jersey.

    In contrast Atlanta continues to serve up the dramz, laughs and the cray cray and being consistent on the entertainment front. It really makes a difference when the season 'villain/hate figure' is trashtasticly amazing e.g Kenya, Phaedra's whole donkey booty storyline & persona cracks me up so much.
  12. BTG


    So after a slow start, I totally got into Beverly Hills season one by the end.

    Do we know what exactly happened between Lisa and that young guy who lived with her?
  13. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    KENYA IS TOO MUCH! This week's episode was so boring! Phaedra was so shady with that deal so I have zero commiserations. The party next week looks to be even better than, "Gone with the wind fabulous!". She's TV gold.

    Yay. I wonder will this be her last season? She doesn't seem very interested any more. Especially as she's getting her own show.
  14. I actually enjoyed Yolanda on Beverly Hills this week putting Traylor in her place, Marissa is great to, i'm so tired of the Adrienne/Brandi drama though, you just know it's gonna drag out the rest of the season to.

    Mega excitement for next weeks Atlanta, finally the flawless 'bye Ashy' conversation in it's full glory.
  15. The drama over Phaedra's 'Donkey Booty' workout video is just so hilarious to me. When she and Apollo were trying to sell the concept to the potential distributors, I was dying laughing. Who knew that Phaedra was friends with Jane Fonda? Amazing.

    Kenya stealing Phaedra's idea with the Stallion workout video is childish, but I understand why she's doing it. She wasn't going to work for Phaedra for free. This season has been so good, but I do kinda miss Sheree being on the show.
  16. Next episode of Atlanta will be brilliant! Kenya in full force!
  17. Phaedra is the queen of shade!
  18. Yolanda was surprisingly entertaining in the last RHOBH episode, thanks God someone finally said something to Taylor, even if it was not much. She's getting more and more insufferable. Someone needs to tell Vyle to shut up, she's so horrible and she looked like a damn fool at that gallery opening... Paris looked so embarrassed to be there haha.
    I like Marisa but she's awful to her husband, poor guy... Lisa and Ken remain the Royal Couple of Beverly Hills.
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