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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Ok but why is Vicki Gunvalson sitting next to Rinna’s mom.

  2. I'm already filing a report with Child Services.
  3. He'll give up that baby in like a week when the press ends.
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  4. I haven't watched Beverly Hills since season 6 but that trailer looks promising. Special mention has to go to Legend Kim Erica Richards, an icon. Never shows up for filming, when she does it's chaotic, does next to nothing and still manages to get others talking about her. Doesn't even have a main billing and manages to rule most of Kyle's storylines.

    I still need to finish season 10 of NYC, I got about 6 episodes in and didn't continue for some reason. Think I was waiting for it to finish so I could watch across 2 or 3 days. I don't believe its even aired in the UK yet but I'll find it online.
  5. I have to watch all of the seasons of BH, but the trailer of this BH season look interesting, Camille being there yas.
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  6. THIS WAS AMAZING. I WANT MORE. Nene asked the BEST questions.
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  7. Did you watch the first part of this episode? It was amazing too.

    I wish Bethenny and Luann were there too.

    Ugh, I cant wait until they finally do Real Housewives All Stars. A bigger crossover than Infinity Wars.

    Side note: Ill forever side with Kenya. Her provocations didnt warrant being dragged by the hair by Porsha.
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  8. Nene's questions were good, but really the bottom line is Porsha did get off easy however she seemed more apologetic? I think it's easier to forgive someone who seemed visibly upset by the situation, whether she was acting or not.
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  9. This.

    Phaedra would probably still be on if she reacted in a similar way. Instead, she seemed unphazed by the whole situation.
  10. Happy holidays!

  11. Yes it was amazing. I like a good housewife crossover. I'm kinda shook that as attention seeking and self indulgent as these housewives are they don't actually watch their own show? But fake live tweet it as an obligation from work.

    I think the REAL HOUSEWIVES ALL STARS will only work if they brought all of them together for a trip. Make it a one-off miniseries special across 6 episodes and give them ALOT ALOT of wine and pay them good. On my dream cast, it would be:

    1. From NY: Sonja, Lumann, Ramona, Dorinda, Bethenny
    2. From the ATL: Nene, Sheree, Kenya, Shady PhaePhae
    3. From the OC: Tamra, Kelly
    4. From Dallas: Leann
    5. From Potomac: Karen
    6. From NJ: Margaret
  12. And please bring back Adriana from Miami and include Lisa Rinna.

    Just imagine this mess.
  13. Mess at me totally forgetting about RHOBH but yes Rinna, and I didn't choose anyone from Miami cuz it's not an on-going show. But yes I would've just picked Adriana.

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  14. So I finally signed up to Hayu and have just finished watching the first 4 eps of NYC Season 3. I remember reading a few pages back that if anyone was to start with New York, to begin with S3. So far so good.

    At first I thought I disliked Jill but after the way she handled Alex’s confrontation at the Sax 5th Ave party, I’m impressed and am (hopefully) a Stan.
  15. Hayu really is God’s gift to humanity.
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  16. Don't miss out on season 4 once you finish 3! So underrated and so amazing. The gals in this thread convinced me to give it a go and I was not disappointed.
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  17. I got a 90 day trial of Hayu from Amazon so guess what I’ll be doing for the next 3 months? I have the last 3 seasons of NY and I also have Beverly Hills. Is it worth watching? The last episode I saw was the one where Yolanda turned up to dinner without makeup on.
  18. YESSS!!!
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  19. I just realised I made a mistake. I only have the last season of RHONY to catch up on and the last 2 OC seasons. I’m stupid today and I can’t even blame it on being drunk. It’s BH that I need to watch from season 5 (I think that was Rinna’s first season?). I’m reluctant to watch it going by the posts in this thread.
  20. Season 5 is great, up there with season 1 and 2.
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