The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I think you hit the nail on the head. Lisa's anger and reaction and rage was from the fact that she felt Vyle 'turned' on her this time around instead of having her back.

It was not because she was accused of selling the story.

Vanderfake revealed her true self right there and then.
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The whole thing with "leaking" the story is so dumb.

Like are they all aware they are filming a tv show and have spent the majority of the time so far excruciatingly talking about the story that leaked?

Also, Rinna and Erika are useless this season. Denise Richards is filming her own show that occasionally requires her to interact with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
It was Camille

I honestly believe LVP didn’t sell the story. she’s too smart, why would she do that when everyone already speculates she was the mastermind behind setting Dorit up, everyone would immediately assume she sold the story based on that. She likely had a hand to play in Teddi finding out but I think another cast member (or production) went to RadarOnline.
I 100% believe Lisa didn't sell that story. And honestly, I could watch Vyle getting kicked out of Villa Rosa all day.Though it's sad how she was initially so happy to see her!

If she doesn't show up at the reunion she should be fired though, and as much as I am team LVP this season, I can never forgive her for keeping queen Brandi Glanville off the show. Time for a swap.
Did we ever find out where the “poor creature” came from? It wasn’t in the leaked radar online article.

I’m just excited to see what Camille is gonna bring to the table in the second half... I’m sure those comments to Rinna about Dorit being a phoney are going to come up again SURELY.
I'd love if Camille did that just to spite Dorit and expose her.

Camille is going against Rinna and Dorit, that's a given, allegedly she will also have a beef with Kyle (I have the feeling Camille will have an undercover alliance with LVP and be her ''pawn'', in an aware way).

I mean considering the reception and if Camille is going to bring the drama with the housewives but Lisa, she's going to come back next season surely.
I mean the dog drama would have been great... if it was also more going on, but besides Denise, arguably Kyle and Lisa, the rest of the cast literally has no storyline, so it was a bit exasperating.

I cannot wait for Legend and Icon Brandi to reappear on our screens

''You're not wanted!''

''...Excuse me, neither are you, ask your husband''
I'm enjoying the season for the plotting going on all sides, but yeah, the most capital-D "Drama" that's happened in a scene this year was the Kyle/Lisa fight (with the best parts in the trailer) and the moment when LVP got caught in a lie at Camille's 50th birthday party.

Say what you will about the dog drama, everybody seems to be talking about it. It certainly isn't my thing but it's sparked up the fanbase.
It reminds me about how heated the fan base got over Carole v Bethenny. Even if people weren't enthralled by it, they all had a very strong opinion one way.
I can't wait for us to be let down by it inevitably being some fake fight/joke between Kim and Denise over one of them saying "we're related because our last name is Richards!"
I...fucking hate how likely this seems Dddd. It really has been downhill since the first three seasons.

Also, I'm into season 2 of VPR for the first time and I'm SCREAMING at Scheana's song playing over 40 times in a row on the gay pride float.
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