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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I do think it’s quite funny how bad this season of BH has gone for some of the women. An overhaul is needed, and at the very least get rid of Erika and Teddi. They literally give me nothing.

    I want my housewives to be funny, shady, ridiculous etc. Like in New York, we all know that the majority of them can be awful human beings at times (mainly Ramona) but they still have such a likeability about them. Where is the likeability in BH? Where are the laughs?! Teddi is simply lame and Erika can never seem to bring her actually sometimes funny/shady *rehearsed* confessionals to other women.

    That being said... I can feel Rinna’s dislike for Camille bubbling up in her confessionals and hopefully from next week onwards we will see Camille step back into the show properly.
  2. Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit, and Erika should be sent packing. Bring back Adrienne, Brandi, and add two new Housewives.
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  3. And Adriana! She'd scalp Vanderpump's extensions and dentures.
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  4. Anyone know if Summer House is any good?
  5. Does anyone know where you can watch the US seasons uncensored? The AUS and NZ editions are completely uncensored on hayu but the American ones aren’t...

    I was thinking the DVDs should be uncensored but I’m a 1080p nazi so taking a picture quality hit will suck, but I may do it for to hear everything unfiltered.
  6. Don’t ban me but I’m starting to feel bad for LVP nn. Plus her birthday party looked fucking boring.
  7. I was hoping to see the snack that is her nephew... but was that at a different birthday party?
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  8. Nene encouraging a Kenya, Phaedra, and Kim return while claiming others are threatening to quit if they do. I presume she is shading Kandi? I would welcome Kenya and Sheree back with open arms, and despite her being trash, Kim as an antagonistic friend of would be okay with me.
  9. Well (as expected) that RHOBH episode was a whole lotta NOTHING.

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  10. We don't need someone who falsely accuses people of rape just cause she's mad at her former friend back on the show.

    Also, bring Kim back so they can drag her for being BROKE and not paying her credit card bills..
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  11. Completely agreed which is why I didn't say anything about welcoming her return. Kim is at least a villain who is too stupid to plot. Phaedra wanted to constantly stir the pot and deny everything.
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  12. Porsha was also involved in that as much as Phaedra and has been violent to fellow cast members and y'all are not doing that much with her, especially when Bravo keeps bringing her back seasons after seasons?

    Gurl bye.
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  13. Phaedra can't come back. What she did was genuinely very evil. On another level, really. There has to be consequences. I don't know if Porsha was completely in on it, or just easily manipulated. She...doesn't seem bright. I thought she should have been fired too, actually.
  14. We don't watch the housewives cast and look at them to be role models and pillars of the society.

    In real life, this show has a lady who assisted in a cancer scam. Another wife who didn't file taxes, went to jail and was in shady businesses with her husband. And another friend's of a housewife who assaulted a woman who then committed suicide.

    These three women, Vicki, Teresa and Marlo are still on the show.

    Not saying what Phaedra did wasn't wrong, but this show continuously exaggerates and fabricates.

    If Shady PhaePhae can apologise to Kandi and agree to film it - she can come back.
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  15. I agree. I absolutely do. But there are certain lines that should never ever be crossed. Phaedra did that. I agree Vicki should have been fired too. I've always said that. But...I can't enjoy someone who falsely accused someone of attempted rape no matter how funny her shade is.
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  16. What Phaedra did is still incomprehensible to me. Aside from the fact that it was evil and could have ruined Kandi's livelihood, it's so bizarre that she thought she wouldn't get caught out.

    That said, we all became invested in Phaedra's life during her time in the show. With her boys growing older, fake jawbssss, new boyfriend, ex-husband nearly out of jail and set to re-marry, it would feel like something of a return to classic RHOA to have her back in some capacity.

    Phaedra being in the hot-seat, Nene on the outs, Cynthia against Nene... It would feel like season 7 all over again. (I know it's not one of the most popular seasons, but it was a ratings doozy and much better than the one we just had.)

    I highly highly doubt Bravo would ever bring Phaedra back, but the demand to see her is there.

    EDIT: Cynthia is on Danny Pellegrino's Everything Iconic podcast this week, mostly talking about Nene. I just love her! If Queen Kenya isn't back I'll have to stan Cynthia and Porsha next season.
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  17. I already stan Cynthia. Muvva!
  18. As do I but this interview made me love her even more. And she was right in saying that while she gets called boring a lot, she shares her life fully. Her entire marriage and divorce - and messy, peach-courting husband during those years - made for great TV, her single/dating storyline last year was awkward but #CHill are such a hot couple and I hope we get to see a Cynthia wedding 2.0

    It would be amazing for Cynthia & Mike to do a Caribbean Island beach wedding like Kenya did, but let Bravo in on it. Kenya and Mallory can be bridesmaids, Kandi can officiate and Porsha, Eva, Shamari can attend. Moose can stay home with Marlo and seethe.
  19. I have to agree, I can't believe, as smart of a woman she is, Ms Parks esq. she never thought for a second that she could've gotten caught with that insane lie of hers to throw out to another cast member/ex-bestie.

    She must've really wanted Kandi out and saw red.
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  20. Kandi is very well regarded by Bravo, apparently. It wasn't a fight Phaedra could win...just like her court cases.
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