The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

You did give me that shoe, and I was gonna get it cleaned but it woulda cost more money to get the shoe cleaned than the value of the shoe.

Cause I bought it in Morocco!

Oh, but it's ZARA shoe.


Right, so I got you a gift card to ZARA.

Atlanta always brings it at the Reunion shows.
Twitter is saying that after that mess with Tamra and Shannon talking about Kelly that Kelly and Tamra got into a physical altercation!?

Vicki has also been "rushed to hospital" again!?

And Vicki and new Housewife Braunwyn have unfollowed each other.

Season 14 could be good... They still haven't done their main trip yet either!

Gina's DUI, Emily vs Tamra, Kelly vs Vicki (with Vicki chasing Kelly out of someone's house), the trip to Arizona, a new Housewife, Tamra/Shannon/Kelly gossip, Kelly miraculously making up with her mother and brother, a potential physical altercation between the two craziest Housewives... Whew!
Cynthia is gonna GATHER Nene in that last episode it seems. I’ve been ready MUTHA.

What Porsha said was true. Nene’s behavior is disgusting. Porsha made me laugh so much during this reunion. She’s really been carrying this franchise.

Tamra VS Kelly, GURL I CAN’T WAIT.