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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Oh my GOD.

  2. They need this playing on a giant theater screen:

    So Shangie Angie can be on the big screen again.
  3. According to Andy, Vicki was the highlight of a dramatic, explosive reunion and she had a huge meltdown. So I’m pretty sure she won’t be going anywhere next season, attempted lawsuit or not.
  4. I hope she starts kicking off about not having peach or whatever those girls have. I might tune in for the first time.
  5. You owe it to yourself to watch seasons 10 and 11, hen. They are required viewing for a burgeoning Housewives historian such as yourself.

  6. Ughhhhh I've seen the best bits of the cancer scam and when they went to Ireland. I've got enough on me plate with Beverly Hills (S4&5 are the last good ones right?)
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  7. 5 is definitely the last good one. Please tell me Potomac is your next stop?
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  8. Of course. I’ve already done Season 1. The thing is awafter doing five season, I know I’ll be invested enough in LVP to watch em all until her downfall.

    She was at Bravocon, I wonder if she appeared near any of her ex co-stars at all
  9. I’m sure she stayed WELL AWAY.

    Must have boiled Rinna’s piss to see the official sponsor drink Pepsi Rosé (classy) everywhere.
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  10. And basically 7-9 too. You can’t miss that iconic Shannon vs Heather season.
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  11. 19 TIMES!
  12. It probably boiled all their piss to see the reaction she got compared to anyone else the whole weekend!
  13. This is my mecca. Why am I not there.
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  14. Does anyone know where I can watch the seasons in all their uncensored glory? They’ve got Melbourne and Auckland on Hayu uncensored but all the American series’ have a *bleep* every 10 seconds...
  15. The American shows have never been available uncensored, so everything is bleeped.
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  16. Joe and Teresa’s Dad has a lot of dark energy about him, even though they try to paint him as old and kooky.
  17. Bigot
  18. Watching the WWHL Bravocon special... Do we think the 'Housewives spin-off' coming to Peacock next year could in fact be the All-Stars special that has long been discussed?
  19. Someone posted on a blog worrying that Salt Lake City was basically being set up to replace Potomac. It seems unlikely to me, yet most of the Potomac Housewives were absent from BravoCon.
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  20. Hasn't Potomac been steadily rising in the ratings though? I refuse to live in a world where Teddi Mellencamp is still plaguing my tv while the Green-Eyed Bandit & the Grand Dame are banished into the ether!

    @johnny_tsunami CALM US DOWN
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