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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Charley

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    Don't know if it is the same internationally, but this is what Benelux is getting.

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  2. Classic years for BH...
  3. Why do I feel protective and somewhat annoyed that basic locals are going to have easy access to my favourite shows? I don't want to share my precious pieces of niche pop culture with fiat 500 twitter, they don't deserve it.
  4. Nah, I’m ready to be not the only one in my close friend group who’s housewife’s obsessed.
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  5. Ddd, I just want to know if they're going to move everything to Netflix as it means I can cancel my Hayu subscription.
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  6. I wish they did the same in Spain... the lenghts I have to go to find any episode other than last week’s... and I haven’t seen the whole Melbourne series and some of the cities because it’s impossible to find it anywhere!
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  7. The international franchises are so hard to find, which is a shame, the majority of them are genuinely amazing-

    If you need

  8. I don't begrudge paying for HayU. It's amazing value for money and I can dive in, to whatever Housewives Drama I want to relive.
  9. Speaking of Melbourne, I've been powering through it the last couple of weeks and I can't get over how good it is. I'm half way through season 4 at the moment, which is amazing, but I think 3 might have been my favourite just because of the icon Pettifleur and how evil Lydia was, which I'm guessing was a reaction to her barely being in season 2 and doing whatever she could for screen time.
  10. Worldwide or UK? I know RHOBH is coming to Argentina and earlier seasons are available in some parts of Europe.
  11. I wish we would get another season of the iconic Real Housewives of Auckland.
    "You know what i've heard about you? Not a fucking thing"
  12. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    My Netflix 'Coming Soon' section also mentions Season 1 of Married To Medicine and "seasons" of Top Chef & Below Deck coming on June 1st.
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  13. I've just seen they are adding Married To Medicine S1 in Spain. Not the best news, but something is better than nothing.
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  14. Season one of that show is amazing. That fight between Mariah & Toya. I YELLED.
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  15. This gif should be viral. It has the same energy as the Julia Roberts looking lady doing math/algebra.

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  16. I don't know why Rinna thought it would be acceptable to style her hair into a mullet
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  17. The other night I started laughing out loud thinking about how Kim's Sister spent years of RHOBH destroying her relationships with her family for a Paramount TV series that was cancelled after one season.

  18. [​IMG]
  19. The fact we've never been able to get Kathy Hilton as even an official guest, let alone a friend of...
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  20. Since this used to be the general housewives thread.....This has been in my head all weekend. It's SO tragic. I'm OBSESSED.

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