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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. Who knew that Kyle's downfall would taste this sweet.

  2. Do you think Kyle realizes how bad she looks this season?
  3. I can't wait to see this as soon as I finish work!! Kyle's mean girl streak always comes out when they come for her and she is soooo vicious when that happens that I hope it's an ongoing thing all season! Kyle needs to really be that iconic villain she was always meant to be!
  4. Kyle trying to control and police everyone’s opinions when their not aligned with hers and being clocked for that is so tasty! Garcelle better lock and load several reads for Kyle, I see a great takedown on the horizon. It seems next week is the brewing of the storm for the gang-up on Denise.
  5. Does anyone else use HaYU to watch? I find the quality really bad like not even HD I asked Hayu and they said reinstall which i did and nothing?
  6. They're going to gang up on Denise, but she's not going to take their shit. Get them!

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  7. I use it, the quality seems fine, the only time it dips it if the WiFi if the playing up. That said, some of the early seasons look like you’re watching them through a letterbox. The screen is so small.

    I actually couldn’t cope without Hayu. Before Hayu I was searching the net for new episodes links and before that I was watching the wives at teatime on ITV, with all the good stuff cut out. Dark days.
  8. I use HayU and find the quality really good? All the HD episodes are in 1080p so like someone else said, it might be the WiFi or even check your settings as you can opt to view shows in SD to use less data/WiFi.
  9. Ok that was a good episode but it seems some of the beef is instructed by producers? Or is that just me? I’m enjoying Kim’s sisters take down its extra delish that Ted is in the firing line also.

    I’m disappointed that Sutton is not as ballsy as she was at the beginning she always looks like she is about to cry when there is confrontation I feel bad for her. I hope she gets the strength as the season goes on.

    Dorit is being so extra she’s turned into another messy rinna. Anything to secure the diamond.
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  10. I really liked Garcelle this episode. A team up of her and Denise would be nice as they both are straight shooters. Sutton came out of the gate fast but she does tear up easily and ends up backing down.I can't tell yet though if she is really emotional or of its just the setting of trying to address things in a big group like that. Kyle not realizing that they are referring to couples therapy as that they are literally TWO people attending therapy at the same time. I love how when she started acting up the three just got up and left like "nope we aren't here for this." Tedi just is there as a way for people to take down Kyle it seems and that's fine with me. I am loving the dagger looks that Denise keeps giving people.
  11. Dorit is so messy, petty and manages to be likeable and fun, Rinna wishes.

    The episode was just a bit eh, but I think Dorit, Denise and Garcelle brought it.

    Kyle is getting ripped apart, I am living for this
  12. Yeah, this episode was the worst of the season so far for me. They needed to come at Kyle a lot harder - this was really lame compared with earlier episodes this season....
  13. I loved this episode, I was laughing all the way through. Garcelle is going to eat Kyle up at the reunion and I can’t wait! Her confessional was probably my favourite moment “are we being catty? yes! But that’s what girlfriends do, and Kyle deserves it” with that smile, I screamed.

    Also I’m kind of obsessed with Dorit’s Buca Di Beppo storyline, it’s so random and ridiculous that it cracks me up. I want more solo scenes of that. I hope we get another comedy-like sketch out of it like when she was in a flurry over her maison kitsune window last season.
  14. Never have... it's best for her health she stays a guest.
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  15. Based on her desperately scramming to defend herself on twitter at every opportunity, I would say absolutely. She seems shook by the edit.
  16. Erika: "the relationship is strange, you guys have a-"

    *que dramatic music, Kyle wipes away crocodile tears and Sutton stares on in disarray*
    Erika: "You're so out of line, I'm not even gonna be insulted by something so wild like that"

    MAGICAL. I may have to jump back on the Erika bandwagon after this. Three golden episodes in a row.
  17. I think the Kyle/Teddi thing breaks down to Beverly Hills ladies not being real friends outside of filming. Kyle and Teddi clearly have built a real, genuine friendship and gotten close outside of the show. You don’t see the ladies papped together or hanging out on social media between seasons.

    I really wish Erika hadn’t cut Sutton off last night. It felt like Sutton was going to finally have her moment to take Dorit and Rinna to task over that dumb shit they accused her of but Sutton backed down being the dignified lady she is to be a good guest.

    Garcelle’s read of Kyle was impeccable. She threw it right in Kyle’s face and she just completely did what Garcelle accused her of, glosses over and moved on like it didn’t matter to her.

    I hate Dorit again. So that love affair was short lived.
  18. The episode was fine. It was crazy how Garcelle accused Kyle of not paying any attention to her, and Kyle did exactly that 2 seconds later. That preview though... Rinna is such a piece of garbage. I don't think I've ever hated a housewife as much as I hate her.
    I hope she's off the show next season and has to sell adult diapers for the rest of her life.
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  19. Am I the only one who understands where Dorit was coming from with Sutton. If someone you barely know repeatedly said “I’m going to freak out, just watch” at your friend’s daughter’s event wouldn’t you be concerned?
  20. [​IMG]
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