The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I want Kyle to go all "I was an actress too" when she meet them. Yolanda's daughter was arrested for DUI so there's at least one storyline for her. Hopefully we'll be saved from tales form her garden and uptades about her health.
I'm rooting for The Crazy Ones (Sonja,Ramona & Aviva) at RHONY reunion. Other three are just salty and boring.

Does anyone watch The Hotwives of Orlando? It's basically parody of Real Housewives franchise and it's so good.
Its quite amazing how much Teresa has changed for the better she did well Season 5 but this season she is a different person compared to her crazy days in season 3 and 4 although I do miss the old Teresa but its heart warming to see how far she's come.
I watched this for the first time the other day and some chick threw her artificial leg across a table. They just got themselves a new fan.
JESUS CHRIST. I can't stop laughing and rewinding that whole dramatic hair-pulling and hair-tugging scene in RHONJ. It took me back to the Danielle Staub days.

And the one and only Dina appearing in scrubs still looking HAWT.
So Real Housewives of Melbourne is now airing in the US. Which is funny, b/c Vancouver never aired here, proving that someone at Bravo watched Vancouver, considered it, and decided Jody was simply too vile.

Anyway back to Melbourne. After watching the first 2 eps live on US tv I caved and ended up marathoning the whole season. Andrea and Lydia are two of the most manipulative housewives ever. And Jackie and Ben are the new Alex and Simon. Chyka might be one of my top 5 favorite housewives ever. Also I love that everyone on this Housewives appears to be loaded. Financial issues are becoming a common theme on this show and erm, that is obviously not what i tune into the Real Housewives for.
I love Dina now didn't think that much of her season 1 and 2 but she's the best thing about season 6 I still find the new girls a bit meh

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I miss RHO Vancouver so much, especially with all the off camera drama that's happened since Season 2 wrapped.

Me too. I really want a third series but it seems unlikely. I'm very uninterested in the entire franchise at the moment, nothing in the past year has really grabbed my attention. I'll still watch Beverley Hills though.
Us Weekly has been reporting that Aviva's fired, Ramona's been demoted, and the producers are "casting the show around" Heather & Carole (with them, Sonja, & Kristen all having been asked back already). Hm....