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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. My friend just started Beverly Hills and she is already stanning Camille and cannot stand Kyle Richards.

  2. This is the correct take. It's funny to me how easy it is to stan Camille upon re-watches now, when everyone (including myself) really did seem to hate her when the show premiered! Change ha title to the most hated redeemed Housewife now, please.
  3. I actually thought about it, yesterday, I obviously started the franchise very late, but it's interesting to see how people perceives reality television in such a different light nowadays (like everyone, according to reddit did not like Alex from RHONY at all, yet now she is a messy yet lovable housewife for many), as terrible as they could be, the messiness people like Camille or Danielle brought is waaay better received now, I think
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  4. I miss Sutton Stracke.
  5. A treasure.
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  6. I’m watching BH for the first time.

    Was so sick of Maloof Hoof by the time she left. Cannot stand Faye Resnick but she is good for stirring the pot - so holier-than-thou which is hilarious considering her history.

    Yolanda grew on me and I think Marisa could have stepped up her game if given another season.

    Such bad vibes off Carlton (but her ex is hottttttt) and Joyce IS annoying.

    That Dana (?) girl is one of the worst additions to a housewives cast I have ever seen. I still laugh thinking of her party - an empty house and some meringues left on a pool table.

    Don’t understand why they demoted Camille. Mauricio is overrated and Lisa’s two houses have been completely insanely beautiful - also Pandora’s husband is very cute. I also want Yolanda’s fridge.
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  7. Monthly reminder that Carlton got robbed.

    her hatred of Kyle...

  8. I wouldn't have fired her. She wields the craft and I'd rather not have her summon Manon to destroy me.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Also Carlton being friends with Alison Dubois and coming in with that psychic energy to destroy Kyle.

  11. LARVA

  12. Never forget!

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  13. A Totally Natural Scene.
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  14. The first two seasons are available on Netflix Brazil. Memes aside, never seen any of the Real Housewives series, so I think I'll start with Beverly Hills.
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  15. Those two seasons are up there with PEAK Housewives.

    And then please move onto NY, thanks.
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  16. I can not recommend tonight’s episode with Sonja & Luann’s commentary enough. It’s the Zoom call of my dreams.

    - Luann: “I don’t know Teddi but I like her father’s music.”
    - Sonja: “OMG THAT’S that girl’s name! Dorit! I’ve heard of her!”
    - Sonja just referring to Dorit as “Door-it” for the entire second half
    - Sonja, about Teddi: “I have no idea who this woman is”
    - Both ladies shading Bella Magazine the entire episode
  17. Ooh how does one watch it??
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  18. Do they interact?
  19. Fuck Bravo for not airing anything for what feels like months. Get this show, RHONY and RHOP on air now. I miss scrapping with the #RHONYMeanGirls @johnny_tsunami @1991 @#teamdodd!


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  20. This reads like me and @johnny_tsunami dragging the show.
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