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The Real Housewives Of Dallas

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jesus Jugs, Nov 30, 2020.

  1. I thought there was a separate thread for Dallas but I couldn't find it so here we are for the 3/4 of us who watch this bottom tier yet still entertaining franchise.

    The trailer for Season 5 just dropped:

    This season features new wife Tiffany who is a doctor and new Friend-Of Jen:

    Thoughts? I think it actually looks like a light and fun season, and newbie Tiffany looks like she brings it.
  2. I hate to admit it but that looks ok? Kicking out LeeAnne has done wonders for the energy.
  3. This looks much better than I expected, and Dr. Moon looks like an incredible addition, but it’s going to take a lot of work for Dallas to prove to me it deserves its own thread.
  4. 100% - they're the worst of the bunch as a city but that trailer looked.. good? Here for Dr. Moon who looks like she's bringing it big time. Interesting that Jen gets 0 time in the trailer, given she was apparently bringing it too and would have been full-time had she not got divorced (?)

    Kary looks like she's getting the villain edit. Looks like the whole season is drunken themed-parties in people's back yards, which I'm kind of here for?
  5. I'm kind of ashamed that Dallas is my first thread, this season better be good so you girlies don't make me flop. They has a pretty good slot as they're on at 9pm on Tuesdays, I think the ratings might actually go up.
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  6. I'm finishing season 3 and it's been pretty good so far. But I know season 4 is a nightmare and I can't wait to see the car crash, I just don't want to be bored...
  7. I wasn’t blown away by the trailer but it was hardly horrible as I’ve seen some people say online. I think they found a star in nuTiffany (soap fans will get the reference.) From what I’m seeing, even if they didn’t fire her, Brandi should have sat this year out. I also saw people wishing for Stephanie’s firing and I’m like, you guys she’s not going anywhere unless she walks. Yeah, I don’t like her political beliefs or who she and her husband give money to, yet praise Mama Dee scenes, and there are far more toxic housewives who are still employed that’s ahead of her in line. I think she's actually just a nice person and her frank discussions on depression and suicide attempts is by far the REALEST thing to happen in this city. She does need to take the blinders off when it comes to Brandi though. Kameron is Kameron and I think only true fans of the show can appreciate her. D’Andra is like Miami’s Marysol, so long as her mother is around, she’ll be (though we could demote her.) Kary as a villain is interesting, we could see it last year but you had LeeAnne hovering above.

    I’m going to give it a try...I’ve heard the friend of was a mess as well, but we’ll see how much she got cut. Tiffany seems like a star and I could easily see a Stephanie, Kameron, Tiffany 2 (just a hunch) foundation to resurrect the franchise (maybe with D'Andra as friend of so we get Mama Dee). My gut instinct tells me that why we won’t see her this season, LeeAnne isn’t gone for good.
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  8. This looks promising. I don’t expect a lot from Dallas, Season 2 is the only stellar season they’ve had. Dr Moon was very very prominent during that trailer and I’m not mad about it, she’s look a hoot.

    What happen to the other new addition? I can’t recall her name, she was another white ginger woman.
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  9. I'll try out the new season despite not finishing last year. It'll be interesting to see the show without LeeAnne's personality (but yeah she had to go, obviously). Curious if we'll get someone else to step up as that lightning rod in the cast. New girl seems great!

    I don't want to be a downer when it comes to HW, but one issue I'm having with that trailer is I don't like how they're playing fucking up on various COVID restrictions for laughs ("We're taking quarantine very seriously" *cuts to them on top of each other)? It's edited to feel like hijinks and I... don't love it the message it's putting out there with the Dale's and Darla's who watch Bravo.
  10. Her name is Jennifer Davis. She strangely isn't featured in the trailer other than walking in a blink or you'll miss it moment, but she has a cast pic and a short bio on the bravo website so I can only assume she has a bigger role than Elyse considering they acknowledged her existence enough to give her that.
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  11. The trailer does actually look pretty good and Tiffany looks like a good addition. Bravo did the right thing with LeeAnne but she really was the only reason to watch in the end so they really needed to get the replacement right.

    Also promising that they’re really going to address the Brandi stuff!
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  12. I had this same feeling watching the trailer. It feels incredibly tone deaf and irresponsible of the producers, and left a bad taste in my mouth.
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  13. COVID-19 getting a slapstick edit is...not what I am wanting out of Dallas. But maybe I will watch just out of pure love for @Jesus Jugs
  14. Absolutely. I think Texas being a particular hot bed for COVID deaths throughout the year also adds to it?

    I'm willing to put it aside and try it out again this year, because it could just be a bad trailer editing choice.
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  15. I only watch for Stephanie. I listened to her podcast during lockdowns and it sounded like she was taking it very seriously, don't know about the rest.
  16. I only recently watched season four bc of the reviews but I loved it. I found it more exciting than season 3. I loved what Kary brought to the show. She was rich, bitchy and I loved that she hated Leaanne. I also loved the level of wealth she brought. The trip to Mexico basically gave us two cast trips since it lasted multiple episodes. It only got truly dark towards the end with the racist stuff from Leaanne.

    The trailer for season 5 looks good! I’m also curious about Jen. She isn’t featured at all in the trailer but we know she’s around a lot and involved in lots of drama. I like that they gave us an exciting trailer but also left stuff like that out. Also, Tiffany OWNED that trailer. You can tell she’s going to be a great addition.

    Only one I’m not looking forward to is Brandi throwing a pity party because she did something racist, doubled down and fans rightfully ate her ass up. She is insufferable. Who makes themselves the victim when THEY were racist?
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  17. Well... I'll hate watch this. Hopefully the newbie isn't a terrible person!
    It's such a shame Stephanie is a piece of trash in real life, because she's so likeable on TV.
  18. What’s the tea on that?
  19. Travis and Stephanie donated more than 20k to Beth Van Duyne, a politician affiliated with anti-muslim hate groups. Another thing is that during her time as a social worker, she worked for one of those places that guilt vulnerable women into not getting abortions, so they can later put the babies up for adoption. Private adoptions of course, so only rich people can benefit from it.
    She's a shit stain.
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  20. What?! Ok so now I’m thinking something dark about when Brandi got that ‘surprise’ call from Stephanie about adopting a baby I-.
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