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The Real Housewives of Dubai

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aboutyounow, Oct 30, 2021.

  1. I’m assuming it’s for Dubai with Caroline Stanbury.
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  2. I’m curious about this. I find it interesting it seems to be for the American market. I wonder what the cast will be like. I imagine they’ll be announcing it without revealing a cast yet.

    I hope it’s good but I must say I’m not sold on it knowing Dubai‘s laws. Then again, we thought Salt Lake City was an insane idea and it’s great.
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  3. It's official.

  4. Another thread to add to our Housewives sub-forum x
  5. Uno


    Someone get Lisa Scott-Lee on board, please!
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  6. Exciting!

    And not them killing Dallas so that they can repurpose "RHOD" ddd.
  7. I hadn’t thought of that! Of course everybody expects Caroline Stanbury to be on it and I’m sure she will be. Bravo is not keen on crossovers, but it makes too much sense to include her. I also saw on Twitter someone said Dawn Ward could be on, but I refuse to entertain the thought although she has been spotted with Caroline AND said she’s filming something in Dubai.

    See…I just don’t see how you can make this work. If we think they hold back on Beverly Hills, what do you expect here?!
  8. I also think.. how will Andy be comfortable doing a reunion in a country that has horrific laws for LGBTQ+?!..
  9. I don't imagine they'll struggle to make an entertaining show. Aren't rich foreigners exempt from a lot of the moral policing?

    Of course on an ethical level, it's very fucked up.
  10. I've started watching Ladies of London because of the Caroline Stanbury rumours. It's super odd because a lot of it is filmed in my local area, I keep expecting to see someone I know in the cutaway scenes. I'm also pretty certain I've seen the ladies/met one or two before ddd.
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  11. I'm pretty much on the same page as this. I actually planned to go to Abu Dhabi for a few months for a teaching gig prior to Covid, and my sense is the country is so desperate for legitimacy that its willing to give major passes to Westerners with the right connections.

    Given the show will likely be propaganda for the country (or at least free marketing for tourism), they're probably fine. But, yeah, still ethically fucked, and sorta for that reason.
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  12. First Housewives franchise I flat out refuse to engage with. Keep it.
  13. I really hope this isn’t a show about a whole lot of white women who have migrated to Dubai….
  14. Uno


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  15. An announcement (presumably premiere date) is coming today. I'm surprised - I thought that this wouldn't launch until later in the year, so I'm intrigued that it's coming so quickly.
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  16. I’m super excited for the announcement and I also thought it would come later. I figured they’d announce Beverly Hills first and that Dubai would come while that show was airing, like June or July. I’m excited to see how Bravo does an international franchise.
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  17. They must be very pleased with SLC and Miami if they are pushing this up.
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  18. Camp
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