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The Real Housewives of Dubai

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aboutyounow, Oct 30, 2021.

  1. It’s nice to see them dropping glam promos again!
  2. Wait, I'm gagged.
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  3. I'm gonna need to see a trailer before I commit to watching another franchise.
  4. What a pleasant surprise to see them doing a promo like this again! I figured they were done for good.

    I have no idea what to expect, but given how Bravo's been able to course correct most of their cities in the last ~year I'm optimistic.
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  5. Trailer coming tomorrow.

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  6. I've enjoyed these promos, but I'm beyond ready for a trailer. It shocks me this premieres in two weeks and we still don't have one.
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  7. It looks....a little bit light on drama, which is probably why it took so long for them to get a trailer out. The only plot twist seems to be Phaedra popping up in the last 10 seconds of the trailer - it might still be a light, fun watch though.
  8. It's giving, well, not the RHOSLC trailer.
  9. This does not look good. Maybe they should have shipped it off to Peacock, or given us another season of Ladies of London instead.

    Those super-wide confessional shots... why.
  10. The opulence
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  11. Yeah...having grown up in Dubai, this is giving....American wish fulfillment fantasy aka the exact opposite of what I'm looking for in Housewives.

    Also Dubai sucks lol.
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  12. It looks like cute lifestyle porn & personal storylines but the drama is non-existent. I expected way more.

    I had no idea Phaedra had anything to do with these women? I gasped when she popped up, the trailer highlight honestly.
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  13. Phaedra popping was a SCREAM
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  14. The Phaedra Parks cinematic universe is finally upon us!
  15. This looks awful. I'm sad.
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  16. In conclusion, this trailer:

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  17. I'm ready to stan Ayan though.
  18. This does look like it may have been better on Peacock, but I think it looks good. Sure it didn't have a ton of drama, but I'm okay with that if we have glamour, cast chemistry and fun personal storylines. As the group develops, the drama will come. I'd say it looks promising, but it's no Melbourne, which is the gold standard for international series.
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  19. The lifestyle porn will be fun, I guess. Everything else looks like a mess. This franchise has such a weird vibe compared to the other ones. It looks like one of those Netflix reality shows.
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