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The Real Housewives of Dubai

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by aboutyounow, Oct 30, 2021.

  1. It looks drama-free, but I'm sure by season 2 some of them will have gone full demon mode.

    Stanbury does not seem like she fits in with this group? I guess we'll have to see. Chanel looks like the clear breakout star. Nina and Sara are giving me Lisa Barlow and Meredith season one in that it's hard to tell them apart!

    I'm still intrigued, I think it will be a gaudy, breezy first season that hopefully sets up a juicier second season. Let them find their footing, if one of them is clear bore they can drop them and add a new, messy Housewife and a Friend for season 2.
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  2. What a snore - no wonder they didn’t want to release the trailer.
  3. Come through human rights abuses and making homosexuality illegal!! Of which only the extremely privileged can pretend to ignore and avoid!!
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  4. The "who and what she wants" makes NO sense to me. Is she objectifying herself?

    I feel like this is gonna flop.
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  5. Chanel was the only one in the trailer that really stood out to me.

    I feel like this is going to bomb in the ratings. Though perhaps it will fare better on Peacock & Hayu as I definitely see many people (myself included) getting into this once a few episodes have passed.
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  6. I see lots of potential in Ayan, Lesa, and Brooks. Nina has random pet fave potential for me. Sara didn’t get much screentime so it’s hard for me to have much of an opinion on her. I wasn’t really vibing with Caroline Stanbury but her hot husband makes her inclusion worthwhile.
  7. I know it was only the first episode, but I found this deeply uninteresting.
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  8. It seems way too glossy and overproduced. Caroline Stanbury trying to be funny with that refund joke was pretty cringe.
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  9. I didn't hate this? Ayan seems like a top tier Housewife in the making. However:
    This still stands. The way this is shot/produced/edited is so weird. I understand trying a different approach, but as @suitechicguy said, it's a little too glossy.
  10. Uno


    Ayan is certainly going to be the breakout star from this, but am I the only one who thought she was trying a biT too hard?

    I do love her talk about her son; she seems like a great mom!
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  11. I thought this was better than I had expected based on the trailer…but I still fell asleep before the episode was over, nn.
  12. Caroline Brooks stood out to me a lot. I enjoyed her confessional shade.
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  13. Caught the first fifteen minutes after Beverly Hills and might tune in if things pick up but @sexercise nailed it with the Netflix angle: there was something so tacky about the still shots with 'bios'.

    Ayan has a lot of potential but we'll see if anyone else is willing to play ball.
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  14. This was fantastic! Loved the intro and production values. I feel like Miami probably inspired them to take more changes. Not all worked, but I appreciate the effort.

    I loved that they were fairly transparent about the relationships and who knows who and allowed Sara to be the newcomer to the group. You could tell at the shade that these women new each other. We had great shady moments from both Caroline’s, Nina, Lesa and Ayan. I was cracking up the entire time!

    This felt very old school Atlanta. Nobody was impersonating another HW, they were just being themselves. I also feel like Brooks vs Ayan has potential to be as hilarious as Nene vs Sheree. I can’t wait to see them arguing over nonsense!
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  15. I loved it and so did the public!

    Great ratings for a new show, Bravo will be pleased.
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  16. I liked Caroline Brooks the most, I feel like she’s going to deliver some top tier shade and one liners. I’m not sure about continuing with this though, it does feel yucky seeing a country with such vile human rights violations be solely presented through a lense of glamour and frivolous lifestyles.

    I just don’t think this needed to be made, honestly. I don’t judge anyone for tuning in though, I tuned in out of curiousity to the first episode and it did kinda pull me in.
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  17. I really wanted to hate this but it was a strong premiere! Caroline B and Ayan are delivering some great TV. Plus Sergio is bringing eye candy!! I’ll be tuning in, as much as my rational side doesn’t want to.
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  18. Even though production wise its completely off brand, I actually quite enjoyed it. This “new Caroline Stansbury”, the one who’s now happy and relaxed, best not be hanging around much longer. I mean, I get it, I’d be be grinning from ear to ear, with my eyes knocking shite out of each other, if I was with Sergio every night, but I want the Caroline S we know from Ladies of London to arrive.

    I’m not expecting a hall of fame, classic housewives season here, but my hopes are higher than they were after that dreary trailer.
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