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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. "Don't touch me"
    "I am gonna touch you because I'm gonna fucking SLAP you in a minute" sends me!!
  2. The way I thought the wedding invitation party drama would conclude after everyone stopped screaming at Sith Lord Lydia (complete with inter-cut footage of the Pomeranians fighting to the death!!!!).

    But then Pettifleur refused Gamble's wedding invitation.
    And then Gamble threw it over her fucking shoulder and the camera dramatically zoomed in on Pettifleur's name on the envelope!!

    And it's not even over yet.
  3. I've said it before and I'll say it again, as an Australian, you're all so very very welcome.
  4. Gina has the star power or the X factor but I think Janet may actually be my favourite.
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  5. Janet saying "YOU COULDN'TA SLAPPED ANYMORE BROWN SHIT ON HA!!" in her phone call to Jackie shook me to my core.

  6. “Laying next to you is some kind of heaven,
    (He looks so good in his double-denim)”
  7. Yas. This deserves its own thread. It’s up there with New York and Potomac for me. Incredible cast and they always deliver.
  8. Me seeing this iconic series finally has it's own thread:


    "He SHAT in the lunchbox." is such an underrated moment of lunacy from Venus.

    Also, my ranking of all the housewives (plus some personal stories, because why not):

    1. Janet (by a country mile, my queen. I drunk messaged her on new years eve on Instagram to tell her how much I love her and she sure as shit replied like the icon she is).
    2. Gina (married two of my friends last year. An absolute diva in the best possible way. Friendly but absolutely 'on the job' and not interested in staying a moment longer than she was getting paid for. Asked her for a photo - and got one - but she did tell me I was making her driver wait.)
    3. Chyka
    4. Gamble
    5. Jackie (Met her at the GH, a gay club in Melbourne that's now closed. She is REALLY pretty and has amazing hair. I got a selfie with her and she replied with 'sure darling, let's shine it up'. Queen of consistency)
    6. Pettifleur
    7. Lydia
    8. Sally
    9. Susie
    10. Venus
    11. Andrea

  9. Hang On...
    The GH has shut?
    I went to a fucking fabulous Madonna Night there once years back (and then spent about 24 hours in Revolver... I'm trash, I know).
  10. It has! It got demolished for apartments. Janet probably built them, capitalist queen.

    The first GH drag show I ever saw was actually someone dressed as and lip-synching to soundbites of Gina Liano. It was my first weekend in Melbourne. This show and it's impact!
  11. Andrea is actually an underrated villain to me. She was absolutely vile and her performance at the season one reunion was iconic, but I almost stan her because she's so awful!?
  12. Very that. I feel the same exact way. She sucked at being a villain, mainly because she was genuinely awful, but that also made her iconic nn. A reverse housewivesian experience.
  13. Yeah I totally agree with that actually, even though she's dead last on my ranking. She was essential to season 1 and she's lowkey the reason Gina became the icon she is now.
  14. Gina

    Those two are just *chefs kiss*




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  15. Andrea was delusional. Did her book on how to direct your nannies competently ever get published?
  16. Andrea was the delusional nightmare we needed. I probably could have used her for another season of her, but not at the expense of losing icons Gamble & Pettifleur.

    Susie is the one real dud for me. I actually enjoyed Sally’s presence and how worked up her mere existence made Gina.
  17. One flaw the show has is that none of the wives have a hot husband or hot son between them. Do better ladies.
  18. Well we had Chyka’s.
  19. Ah yes Bruce, I stand corrected.
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  20. It was shelved and Andrea blamed the show for her not finishing it. She said the editing made "a joke" out of how many nannies she had. She said her four nannies don't "all work at the same time" and that they're "around" if she needs them.

    Gina is pretty much single-handedly responsible for ending her career. I live.
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