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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. I'm so perched for this impending train wreck of a season.
  2. I know she doesn't deserve it, but I'm glad my shiny angel queen made center spot.
  3. LYDIA, who left school aged NINE!
  4. Trailer out later today!

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  5. I’m glad this series is starting soon. All the others would be announced months before premiere date and the wait was gruelling!
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  6. Everyone put your 71th floors UP!!
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  7. It looks ok
  8. I feel like a "bad" season of Melbourne is still going to be top tier HWs, so I'm excited for this Gina free season while she rests up for her big return in season 6!
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  9. I am curious to see the new girls, we already know Anjali and Simone are bringing it.
  10. Janet is so messy, ddd. I actually can’t wait to see what happened here!

  11. Using T*drick Hall in the promo while Janet continues to instigate pandemonium online…I see chaos in these tea leaves.
  12. Janet Thee Roach has been slept on for too long, excited to see her be the MVP
  13. Trailer is giving snoozefest but I can also believe that whoever is still attached to this cursed show (after years of delays, that is) is just too incompetent to know how to put a good trailer together?

    I'm expecting the worst season of this show yet but that could still easily be better than most, franchise-wide.
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  14. This was exhilarating.

  15. Lydia mimicking Jackie with “let’s talk the real shit, let’s talk the real shit”, is serotonin to me.
  17. For a long time I would die over the fact that RHONY had the best seasons in all of Housewives, but Melbourne literally demolishes every single one. It's pure chaos and intrigue for four perfect seasons.
  18. I think you’re doing a bit too much with this statement… but Melbourne is worthy sister to RHONY and could be the queen if their producers didn’t take 40 years to make a season.
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  19. I need you to SNAP THE FAHK OUT OF EHT!!!
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