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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. I've been binging episodes over the last few days as Season 5 starts this Sunday. There really has not been a more fierce pair in conflict than Gina and Jackie has there? I'm wondering if Janet can continue that fire.
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  2. I think Granny Janny doth protest to much, the amount of awful names she's called her castmates in the past.
    She's doing the most to get the new girls hated.
  3. I hope all of you girls are streaming our Strippah and Call Gheurl queen today!
  4. I kindly pointed out to Anjali that Janet had had 540 comments of support in half the time compared to her 16 and I was swiftly BLOCKED.

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  5. youuuuu saiiiiiiid


    EVERY ONE!!!!

    EvErYBoDyYy!! and H' EEVIL!! and H' WICKKKKED!!!
    My GOD.
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  6. Girlies, I've just finished Season 4 and I think Melbourne is up there with New York and Potomac as one of my faves in the Housewives universe.

    So, I need another city to move onto next. I'm thinking Atlanta? I had stopped around Season 6 as I had other stuff on when I first tried to get round to it. Although two women I had met on a weekend away in Galway had mentioned to me about Vancouver at some point?
  7. Is that Jackie’s hubby in the back?
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  8. How did you like Galway?

    Give Sydney a spin, Athena X is iconic. Vancouver is not top tier for me but was entertaining enough, Jodie is probably the most evil woman across any franchise.
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  9. New York, Potomac, Melbourne & Atlanta are the Holy Quaternity, so yes.
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  10. I’m ready for Janet to annihilate these newbies.
  11. This would win the Housewives song rate for me:
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  12. The new girls just weren’t ready for the OGs and I cannot wait to watch.
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  13. The first episode honestly gave me slight S1 RHONY vibes at times with all the awkwardness and so many new characters. The old guard are definitely going to be carrying the season. It doesn’t seem like the new wives are going to bring the comedy, unfortunately, though I guess there’s potential for drama when someone like Kyla - who seems like equal parts Andrea Moss and Angela Stone and Nicole “Captain Eyebrows” from Sydney - is around.
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  14. So happy to have The Real Housewives of Janet Roach back on our screens.

    The way the battle lines were immediately drawn. YAS!! Promising first episode for sure.
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  15. Kyla is gonna cause chaos but she’s already incredibly unlikeable so I’m just here for Janet destroying her every episode.

    The pacing was a bit off (the immediate reading for a person we’ve never met before was random?) but it’s housewives so whatever. I’m intrigued.
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  16. It is early days, of course, but I’m concerned they missed a trick by casting Cherry instead of Cherry’s mother-in-law.
  17. I can definitely see potential in Kyla Richards. Janet bringing up why she broke up with her ex in front of the other girls asdflajsdfl;k
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  18. Looks like we’re not getting this until Wednesday here in the UK.

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