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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. The OGs were in top form and I'd expect nothing less. Happy to have them back.
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  2. Well, it was a decent premiere. The lack of Gina and Lydia was definitely felt but it was good to see Janet, Jackie and Gamble. I’m not a fan of “pregnancy journey” storylines but I hope Jackie and Ben have a baby if that’s what they want.

    Grandma Janet and Gamble are so messy ddd I love them. Kyla seems like a decent addition because she’s messy too. Cherry seems boring and I’m not sure about Simone yet, why couldn’t they bring back any of the former cast? Pettifleur, Chyka, Venus are all more interesting than Cherry. Anjali looks intriguing, especially given she quits midway (?)

    I think they should have broken the fourth wall a little bit and addressed the hiatus and then the delay due to covid. Some of the ladies were pretending to meet when they’d met at press calls last year. It was good to see them back though, I’m ready for the kiiis!
  3. I think there's always this ridiculous conceit when they introduce new characters of "Oh I met this person, and I think I'll invite them to lunch!"

    I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I'd had a shitty day and it brought me some joy. Cherry is kind of dull so far, but I think that's a good presence to ground things. At least there is a vague link between Janet and Kyla.
  4. So, I watched the premiere:

    - It was fine.
    - Having the new wives outweigh the legend wives is a mistake. Too many over produced scenes introducing them.
    - Seeing Janet and Gamble back is wonderful, they just shine (shine, shine)
    - The new girls seem a bit blah for the most part. Shoes and champagne does bit make a personality. Whilst Kyla seems messy, if a little (very) self aware, Cherry in particular is an absolute bore.
    - Hugo could split me in two
    - Jackie’s confessional look is truly awful, one of the worst ever.
  5. Gina was Jackie’s first guest in her podcast. It truly makes me feel that emptiness without Gina (and Lydia). Their friendship has evolved so much and the fact Jackie will break the fourth wall and tell one of the ladies “You’re not fucking Gina!” Is very telling. I have a slight feeling Gina will be back next year. It’s nice Gina fondly speaks of the show and doesn’t shit on it now she’s left.

    Listen here.
  6. Please god we need her.

  7. The premiere was ok, introducing so many additions + the whole covid thing was going to make things awkward anyways, Simone is ok, curious to see if the rumours of her beefing with the others girl are true. Kyla is already a villain, so curious about her, Cherry is another Suzie basically.

    I was happy to see Jackie, Gamble and Janet, love the fact that Janet and Gamble are already stirring shit up!

    Super curious about Anjali and what will go down between her and Janet
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  8. It was nice to see the OGs.

    I fell asleep several times.

    I really do not like the newbies.
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  9. I enjoyed the premiere. I loved just watching Gamble be Gamble. We will see how the new ladies are. So far so good to me. It did look like someone said “action” that one time Kyla opened the door.
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  10. This is the first time since since the show started that I wasn't immediately besotted from the first episode. The new girls aren't really giving me much of anything - and while Janet is my all-time fave and I love Jackie and Gamble, the lack of the likes of Gina and Lydia was DEFINITELY felt.

    I also really didn't vibe with the way it was filmed? The whole thing was shot with this strange polish/predilection for walking in slow motion that made it feel less like a Housewives show and more like a brand movie for a high street fashion label.

    I will still watch it religiously.
  11. Yea it looked very film-like.
  12. Suzie lowkey took Gina down though. I wonder why they didn't bring her, Pettifleur, or Venus back.
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  13. The fact that they scrapped the footage of me chewing the scenery behind Gamble at the start of 2020 :(
  14. Do you mean Sally? Because Susie didn’t take anyone down during her short tenure as a housewife ff. She was just… cannon fodder.
  15. Sally? Susie took down Lydia (a bit).

    Venus was hands down the most irrelevant cast member. Thank fuck she’s not back.
  16. Not when Lydiot completely broke her spirit by telling her she didn’t even remember being at her wedding!
  17. Oops, yes, Sally. Kii.
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  18. I’m still so….confused about letting go of someone like Pettifleur.

    Totally agree Cherry was a bore. Kyla has really big c**t energy and Simone seems… nice.
  19. God it's like a cast of Melissa Tkautzes. Thank god Janet & Gamble are there or this would've been unwatchable. They're all already trying way too damn hard to create a niche for themselves, it feels so inauthentic.
  20. My brain sometimes just reverts to “principle of the schewl” on loop. Iconic.
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