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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Also, we didn't really need all those shots of the wives WALKING with THEIR BAGS on the SIDEWALK arriving to an EVENT.

    It was so excessive and unnecessary.
  2. Yeah Kyla starting to promote her champagne brand from the get go was super cringy, I feel it will be interesting seeing the OGs that played the reality game for years vs the newbies that thinks they know how to play it.

    Sally was actually ok! Her feud with Gina was great and I think her solo scenes were quite touching, I would not have minded her being back, Suzie... she was nice and she had a beef with Lydia, but she was not made for tv at all, which is my impression of Cherry so far, she seems very boring.

    I am a bit optimistic for the next episodes, I can see that introducing so many housewives can be messy, especially after all the fuckery, so hopefully after they introduce them it will pick up steam!

    I have to say that Gina and Lydia not being there feels so strange, but it is what is.
  3. Gamble stays the star of this. Jackie was great too, even though I really dislike her. Janet was okay.

    The new ones are okay! Kyla is already the villain, and I always admire a housewife that dares to be a villain from day one. The other two were nice and fill the cast up nicely.

    I actually enjoyed the episode. I’m excited to see what comes next.
  4. Did anyone see that Sally has gone full anti-vax on her Instagram?


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  5. You've just lost a lot of followers, Sally!!
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  6. Am I missing something? Can you link it please (if available).
  7. She’s deleted a lot of the stuff now off her main account but occasionally still goes wild in her stories.

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  8. #newantivaxxerintown
  9. Not the lemon water photo.
  10. "She must be hitting a nerve Kyla, look at her face!"


    Janet is a monster.
  11. Jackie pulling a nicer "he will never emotional fulfill you. Know that!".

    Jackie is truly the good twin to Allison Dubois (who obviously would be the evil one)
  12. I’m kinda obsessed with how Jackie got away with that.
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  13. Oh wow! The way Gina won again.
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  14. I just know Gamble hadn't left her house until it was time to start filming. She was ready.
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  15. I listened to Jackie's podcast and she's erratic, I know so many people dislike her, but that what makes so endearing.

    Also the interview with Gina... I really like how they really know on what shows they are on, you could tell they have a blast doing it and taking the piss on themselves and each other (also from what I gather Pettifleur had some difficulties not taking certain stuff personally, gosh I miss Pettifleur and her delusions), also I wouldn't count Gina out for next season in 2031!
  16. Episode 2 was just like the first, it was okay but it’s definitely lacking spark and charm. Everything feels super rehearsed - Anjali has definitely rented the apartment for the show and knew what character angle she wanted to play to be ‘interesting’. Kyla is also trying her best to play a character.

    Simone looking at the camera a few times abs getting tipsy quickly at the snooze event was great. She may be one to watch.

    Jackie is on her own journey and whilst it’s sweet, it doesn’t really serve the show well. I don’t know why they heavily marketed her ‘return’. I wonder if production can feel the loss of Gina and Lydia.

    I’ll keep watching because with the majority of the girls in their first season, they make take a warm up to really get to the meat.
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  17. You know what will bring the spark back?




    And this

  18. We were spoiled. Wow. Like I can't believe Lydia actually said that.
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  19. I miss Pettifleur's delusions so much.
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