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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. I don’t drink my dear!
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  2. Gamble dropping her dog breeding storyline after one episode SENT me.
  3. That… was incredibly boring.

    I imagine this will be the final season. Foxtel clearly are touch and go when it comes to this show, as its taken three years to make this season. If its a flop I can’t see them fighting for it.
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  4. This also may create a sense of urgency to bring back Gina, Lydia and Pettifleur. Let's hope the do exactly that.
  5. Loving champagne, tequila and yoga is not a personality trait.

    I can't with the new girls.

    I don't want my housewives just young, blond and pretty and using 'hobbies' as storyline or to create drama. I know it's only episode 2 but I don't think the newbies will be bringing it.

    No wonder Janet was bored and refused to play.
  6. The new girls are quite obviously and blatantly incredibly fake and it does make for very boring viewing. I’m now looking forward to seeing Roachey destroy them.
  7. Jackie outing Anjali 5 seconds into meeting her

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  8. Listening to Jackies podcast with Gina was such a joy compared with these two episodes, the original girls and Gamble have so much chemistry and just get it!

    Scrap this season and bring back Gina, Lyds, Pettifleur and even Sally to menace Gina with her mere presence once again dd and all would be solved.

    Add in Manuela as a friend for more iconic Gamble dramz, a Lydia/Chyka sit down and a drive by of Gina popping it on Andrea to ruin her latest tennis court and we'd have another iconic season in our midst.
  9. Anjali bringing up a Gamble vs Kyla storyline that most likely happened when they originally set out to film Season 5, then having to backtrack and pretend they didn't even know each other despite doing press together... This is gonna be such a weird season.
  10. Pettifleur, Venus and Sally brought so much more as newbies in their first seasons compared to these bunch of boring newbies.

    I swear if I have to fucking hear the word champagne again…

  11. "Chinese whispers" will never not sound racist.
  12. THIS POST. I was gonna bring this up. The Aussie housewives love using this. Lydiot used it a lot too.

    As an Asian, hearing it used repeatedly by a white person is really fucking racist.
  14. Okay. We’re still a little way from vintage Housewives, but the season is starting to give a little.

    - Kyla’s Pink Lady Funerals outfit.
    - Gamble and Anjali honking at each other in the sing-off.
    - Cherry sitting down to small talk with Anjali and straight up asking her “what went wrong?” with her marriage.
    - Janet lathering her hands in enough fake tan to make Jesy Nelson proud.
    - Kyla turning up late to her date with the man that lives in the same house as her.
    - Janet gifting Anjali the cheapest bottle of tequila possible ffffff.

    Jackie’s pregnancy plot line sort of warmed my heart too. And now they’re all finally sequestered away on a trip, we might get some of those dramatic group scenes I’ve been craving. I’m…cautiously optimistic!
  15. The cast dynamics finally started to "gel" for the first time this episode, but it is still a long ways off from the first four seasons. It's not a good sign that we had so many group events with absolutely no conflict this episode.

    However, Jackie calling Janet to tell her she was pregnant was very touching. Having seen their relationship from the very beginning, it's great to also watch genuine, loving friendships on the franchise.
  16. Not Janet walking into Anjali's with a £13 bottle of tequila.
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  17. It pains me that we'll likely never see Gina vs Anjali because you know Giner would have gobbled her up for a kii.
  18. Gina and Lydiot are certifiably irreplaceable.
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  19. I'm even more upset about the cast switch-up now that we've met the new wives.


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  20. Gina in the middle, flanked by the Lord of Evil and the Lord of Light feels so correct.
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