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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. No Gina, no Melbourne honestly. Even Lydiot was missed, not as a person, but as the human pin cushion that is just there in every group scene to make a fool of themselves and have the rest of the cast make a fool of them.
  2. I think the only way they could possibly revive this is if they manage to get Gina & Lydia back. But imagine negotiating with Gina when she knows she’s the only thing saving it from cancellation? I doubt it’d be affordable.
  3. Them not editing Anjali out of the intro... Cowards.
  4. Okay, it's the worst Melbourne season but it's still good. Janet's power.
  5. I didn't mind this episode at all, actually. It had that classic 'Housewife says something to one housewife, who relays the message with a slight twist on what was actually said, so by the time it gets back to the housewife being spoken about it sounds like a completely different rumour and all hell breaks loose' energy to it.
  6. "In the pecking order of the group, we're right at the bottom"

    Well, you said it, Cherry x

  7. I do wonder if Janet has been able to get some physio since filming wrapped. Her back must be in bits from CARRYING this season.
  8. Illustrated with a picture of Sonja - I cannot think of a better narrator of PopJustice than @constantino! Ddd
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  9. I actually really enjoyed this weeks episode, easily the best. They actually felt like a solid cast for the first time. The girls drinking that cheap tequila with the hat as the bottle top and then throwing up…. relatable queens.
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  10. Gamble shared on a podcast that Pettifleur and Lydia are returning if there is another season. Pettifleur was set to film scenes this season (!!) but couldn't due to COVID restrictions.
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  11. Anjali really fucked herself over in every way.
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  12. I feel like there’s more to what happened between the ladies and Anjali and the extend of stuff that Anjali’s hiding from us. It was really weird. You can almost see the fear in her eyes during her last few scenes with the remaining flop newbies.

    I don’t think it’s just about a rented house.

    Also, this is the WORST season of Melbourne.
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  13. They ended it by not making sure Gina comes back. This is what Foxtel deserves.
  14. I actually feel bad for Anjali. Is she not embarazzed??
  15. Not in this loife!
  16. She was definitely playing with fire signing up for a show that's not only known for its lavish portrayal of wealth, but in the ways the castmates try to sniff out any suss stories surrounding that wealth.

  17. I’d feel bad for her if she wasn’t shaming the other women for living off their husbands.

    Like her husband wasn’t the one paying for the country clubs, three yachts and staff… the call is coming from inside the house in the Melbourne suburbs
  18. Janet is carrying this season.
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