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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. I did scream at Kyla recreating this scene

  2. Kayla and Cherry were so rude during Jackie’s event. Gamble in next weeks preview is hilarious.
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  3. Did we know next week is the finale?

    So definitely no reunion? Fuck.
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  4. If they had had a reunion, I mean what would they have even talked about/fake yelled about?! Anjali wouldn’t have shown up, everyone else would have just sat there and Janet would be yelling at the cushions to have anything to do other than just stare at the sunglasses on Alex’s head.
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  5. Can't believe it's only going to be 10 episodes... Maybe the second lockdown really put a hamper on production.

    Ready for Gamble to bite Cherry's head off next episode, though!
  6. Hopefully it would have given the cast the chance to expose Cherry now the footage of what she really said and did had been seen. She definitely showed what a mean spirited mole she can be.
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  7. This was the best episode of the season so far.

    I know the bar was low but still. I’m living for Gamble dragging Cherry.
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  8. I watched S4's Mexico trip last night, and I have to praise Sally for daring to go up against Gina. Brilliant scenes!
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  9. NOT Simone + Cherry delivering more than Kyla?

    I'm now fully on board. Let's see how this turns out.
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  10. I LIVE for Janet!

  11. Cherry is one of the worst cast members in the entire franchise. At least Kyla is a bit of a kii when she flails.
  12. Cherry truly makes Susie and Sally seem interesting and tolerable in comparison.
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  13. Absolutely agree.

    Gamble stepping up and dragging her next week looks like a kii! I’m so sad we don’t get a reunion. Janet vs Kyla/Cherry would have been a moment.
  14. Not Janet bowing out of the finale. Fuck Cherry and Kyla honestly.
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  15. WHAT. Is she not gonna appear?
  16. I loved it when Janet told Kyla to FUCK OFF. That's the original Melbourne energy that I needed.

    The new girls don't know how to play.
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  17. Wait Cherry kinda snapped.
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  18. I SAID THIS TOO! She was on the path of becoming unhinged!
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  19. Did she snap or was she snapped?

  20. Have finished S4. Venus' husband James was very handsome, it's a shame he takes himself so seriously.

    I also loved Jackie calling out Lydia at the reunion for not tipping the man in Mexico who held an umbrella for her. I honestly can't bear Lydia, although there was one dinner scene where none of the others started eating for ages and she was unapologetically tucking in with gusto. Fair enough!

    Having read your reactions, am not going to bother with S5. (The only thing I'm curious about is: does Janet's son Jake appear again? I love their scenes together, and how proudly she speaks of him).
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