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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. That finale was so satisfying.

    Kyla and Cherry getting dragged through the dirt? Yes please.

    Janet sipping her wine watching them both unravel…YAS!

    Such a shame we don’t get to see a reunion. I do fear this could be the end of RHOM so hopefully they can shake it up with a new season.
  2. Peacock needs to pick this up. They clearly have a budget for it.
  3. Season 6 should be

    Jackie (as a Friend of would be ideal)

    Make it happen
  4. This TEA. Make it happen Foxtel!
  5. Cherry > Suzie, Venus and Sally sawry!
  6. I hope they realize people really want more. While it was the worst Melbourne season it ended up decent overall in comparison to other Housewives weakest seasons.
  7. Yeah, I mean they are doing another Miami season on there and Melbourne more than deserves this.
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  8. I have not watched the finale yet but it sounds great. The season definitely picked up when Anjali fucked off, I wish that was just episode one and and kept filming from there.

    Peacock taking over makes so much sense. Melbourne is an already popular brand, more so than Miami. They’ll reach a wider audience. There will be a bigger budget than Foxtel for sure, luring back Gina no doubt. Plus, Bravo have already started to make their own international versions with Dubai. If Foxtel drop this, or take another four years make a season, I’m going to see need Peacock to step in.
  9. Can't believe the final argument is about the skinny arm shit jasjbfjafbas. It's so petty but I love it. I wish we had another episode, not ending on this argument cause Janet could've dragged Kyla even more.
  10. "Why doesn't your husband buy you a new set of tits!"


  11. I don’t think a HW has every carried a season single handedly as much as Mutha Roach
  12. I loved the finale, and thought the last 3/4 episodes were a scream. Kyla and Cherry becoming the villains was fabulous, I was screaming at Cherry's meltdown at the last dinner when she 100% said what she was accused of saying. Such a shame there's no reunion, but GoToBedGrandma upping the camp by waltzing in late to get the girls shook and laughing her way through the dinner had me dying. She's a fucking legend.
  13. Janet making her appearance at that exact moment was perfect and the final scene revolving around an argument about who said what was perfect HW. I hope Foxtel give it another chance and somehow manage to lure Gina and Lydiot back.
  14. If Cherry fully embraces the messyness she's shown she can do these past few episodes then I'd keep her over Simone next season.

    Lydia/Kyla/Cherry vs Gamble/Janet/New wife and then Gina/Pettifleur ripping all of them would be a great season.
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  15. I don't think we've given Janet enough credit for how she kept this season rolling. She had a LOT to do, including exposing Anjali's fake and dumb life!
  16. Janet never fails to keep her heel on everyone's necks. I miss her having formidable opponents to spar with.

    oH, mY LIfe iS jUSt a DEck of cARdS aNd tHEy'Re aLl gOnNA fALl?? They're just all. Gonna. Fall. *snort-laugh*
  17. Kyla absolutely must come back. She was an impeccable villain.

    Janet, Kyla, Gamble, Gina, Lydiot, Simone, a newbie or Pettifleur, Jackie as a friend of and Cherry if they want 8 Housewives again would be my dream.
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  18. They can have whoever they want around them as long as the "core" group is Janet, Gina, Pettifleur, Lydia and to a slightly lesser degree, Gamble. What an ensemble. I feel like Jackie has run her course on the show. Also, Jackie's scenes were low-key the worst part of season 1! Her trying to shove her husband on us and gaslight everyone into thinking he's Johnny Depp.
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