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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Sorry but Jackie vs Lydiot was an underrated feud.
  2. “You came from Newcastle”
    “And you came from your mama’s pitchka, next!”

    One of the most incoherent feuds in the world.
  3. Kyla was trash. Those THREE can go. Bring Gina + Pettifleur + Lydiot back. And we're done.
  4. KEEP KYLA, she seems like a horrible person but she knows what show she's on. Cherry and Simone can go. Still don't understand why Anjali rented that apartment when she could have maybe slightly upgraded her home in the suburbs and played up the 'scrappy lady getting back on her feet' angle. Not everyone on the show always has to be dripping in wealth. When Bethenny first appeared she was in a tiny apartment.

    Janet/ Gina/ Gamble /Lydia /Pettifleur /Kyla /Newbie
    Jackie as Friend.
  5. All these keep Kyla posts and the first time Janet called her out and told her to fuck off she runs away from the camera? GURL. BYE.
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  6. Gina did that plenty of times though and we all still want her back. Look Kyla may have a been a bit weak, but she was willing to get her hands dirty in a way most seasoned pros wouldn't even want to do. I respect that.
  7. I want both Kyla and Cherry to stay because they’re both heinous. They helped make a few episodes of the season entertaining and I want to see them interact with Gina and Lydiot, if they come back.
  8. Gina did it too but she gave us iconic lines like “deck of cards” etc. and also was funny in her confessionals. Kyla just comes across calculated and weak. She stir things up and then literally fucks off. I’m not interested in what she has to bring and say, she lacks charm and wit.
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  9. The glee in Jackie's face as she tortured her husband. Misandrist queen!
  10. Farrah Moan looked........good!

  11. I think Janet’s Instagram may be my fave across the franchise.
  12. I can't tell which part of this I'm more transfixed by: her not cropping out the Faceapp watermark or her tagging her tea brand along with Gamble and Jackie.
  13. All of the above of course.
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  14. Discovery+?! But who the hell is going to pay for that?! I already have Peacock and the Bravo app, and they want me to sign up for ANOTHER?! I couldn’t hate them more.

    But yay, I guess it’s nice we finally have access to it. Now if they added ALL of the international wives, I would actually consider opening up my wallet.
  15. Right? It looks like they are adding just season 1 and 2 for now. Nobody I know has Discovery+, it’s so weird they picked that one out of all the options. It should be on Peacock at least to draw more attention to it. I do agree that if they could get all the international ones on one streaming service I would sign up just to cut out the jumping through hoops to watch.
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  16. Looks like a lot of the ladies were at a wedding together. Pettifluer was in a video with Gamble. Lydia was with Gamble recently too.
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  17. Tell me they’re filming!
  18. They actually added the first four seasons of Melbourne! I already subscribe to Discovery+, but I feel for fans having to subscribe to something new. Peacock is foolish because they could've become the hub for all things housewives. I'm glad Discovery+ saw the interest though. I hope in the future they add more series, particularly Durban and Jersey.
  19. Glad to hear they added all of them at least!
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