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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. I can't believe they kept Lydia after quite a few instances of overt racism. Pettifleur staying over her would have been good, as much I stan poor Figaro and also Lydia's stupidity.
  2. A leader in Australian Race Relations... and the passer of gifts to her maid's family (from her maid, not her).
  3. It's been two years since a season of Melbourne has aired, and might end up being three in total?? How do you gals survive this? And I thought the 1.5 years between seasons 5 and 6 of RHONY was time in the wilderness...
  4. Us Australians are parched for content, trust me.
  5. What’s the tea on Venus? Is she a flop one season wonder because she doesn’t look it.
  6. She was probably invited back, but I believe she lives in London now and recently gave birth to a boy which is why she stepped away.
  7. Gamble is the MVP of season 4 so far. Sending ghastly, dead roses to Gina's dinner and then buying a Lady and Lordship title for Janet just to mock Venus, who she has NEVER EVEN MET. And THENN saying Venus looks like her Siamese Cat!! Hfjdjdbdndndnnd.
  8. I spoke with Janet on Instagram and I believe filming for Season Five is to begin in January, but Melbourne's had a bad run so hopefully sometime next year.

    But Season Four was really missing Pettifluer, they need to bring her back. She definitely left on her own accord, but she definitely smashed it when she was onscreen.
  9. One time I forgot I was following Pettifleur’s son (his username is very similar to my friend’s) on Instagram and he posted a clip of her, i replied to it saying how legendary she was, how I missed her on tv and he was like “that’s my mum!!!”

    I thought it was cute lol
  10. I do not want to speculate but it is a bit alarming that Gamble looks so unwell this season.

    Luckily, we have Gina to tastefully address the issue with her in a concerned manner.
    "EAT A SANDWICH!!!!"
  11. You LIVE LONGER when you’re skinny!

    Okay, you might not live longer in the DESERT...
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  12. Gamble's step-son: Can you please make the theme for my birthday party anything but fairies.

    Gamble: no :)
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  13. Then Gamble sending Venus a picture of one of the victims from the movies The Birds, we stan a petty cinephile queen!
  14. Wait, Venus has dozens of pictures of the gheurlz on her phone?? And Janet decides to address it immediately? Some man named Rob on WhatsApp???

    What da fuck is goin on hunni
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  15. This is why Melbourne >>>>>

    Beverly Hills would have made that the season drama with it being revealed by a friend of the housewives who would then be made into a villain by Kyle, Rinna and Erika.
  16. In a perfect timeline we would have Gina, Gamble Janet literally leaving Kyle, Rinna and Erika in tears after they got dragged during a dinner scene while in the meantime Pettifleur is having a meltdown because no one told her that her dress was pretty.

    I showed the season 3 of Melbourne to a friend who just finished the third season of RHONY and he was flabbergasted at the fact that everyone was at each other throats, like Lydia throwing Pettifleur under the bus with Gamble... god I love this show so much, 2021 can't come soon enough!
  17. I hate Venus but Gamble has reached full Supreme status.

    Janet telling Sally she needs to make sure there's enough room for Lydia at her party Hjfjfndbdjdjdn.
  18. Lydia is such an ass the way she acted towards Gina about her event.
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  19. Gina just told Andrea off and it was lovely. Them Gina said no I’ll go first hahaha.
  20. Season 4 is great so far but I'm really really missing Pettifleur and her delusions.
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