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The Real Housewives of Melbourne

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Just wait until their Mexico trip.
  2. Gina at her most delicious evil self. What a ride.
  3. Janet/Gina vs. Lydia is the ultimate testament of how iconic bullying can be.
  4. Once @johnny_tsunami completes his Melbourne sojourn I would encourage him to continue his detour into the antipodes with Auckland - one season only, probably mostly because of that incident on the boat, but worth it for Gilda - and Sydney, if only for the utter chaos that is/was Athena X:

    EDIT: Apologies, I see that all of this has already been covered in the Housewives' General Discussion thread. But let me add my voice to the chorus anyhow.
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  5. Gina saying “Maybe Lydia can wash her vagina” cemented her as a icon.
  6. I’m at the Mexico trip and Venus is actually a bore and kind of annoying.
  7. I'm:
    • Gay
    • Straight
    • Bi
    • Asking you a question you dumb, fat bitch
  8. RHOAuckland is coming back for a one hour special with all the ladies reuniting in some shape or form. Filming has already started. Hopefully, this triggers a second season.
  10. I don't think I've ever laughed harder at Housewives than when Janet was recounting how tequila almost killed her.

    I love her and Jackie's friendship.

    I don't want to hang out with Sally SHE CAN GO FUCK HERSELF although I do feel sorry for her because she's grieving at the moment.

    Are they really using a ouija board in that preview for next week to see if Sally really called Gina that slur??? AHHHH.

  11. He SHAT in the LUNCHBOX.
  12. I can’t with Janet quoting Gold Digger.
  13. Sorry to keep commenting but these ladies are truly the best. I’m so glad I am finally watching.

    Lydia talking to Joanna’s parents was such a show.
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  14. I'm going to have to rewatch this again, aren't I?
  15. Poor Sally getting chewed up and spit out faster than Suzie.
  16. I've just hit the Mexico trip. Gamble is unHINGED this season and I'm living. The way she devours Venus every time.
  17. To be fair Sally had Gina pressed by just existing... a talent, it was absolutely amazing to see Gina unravel as she did, especially because of a Housewife like Sally*, truly fascinating.

    (*Sally's solo scenes especially towards the end I found, quite moving I have to say, but I don't think she was that great fit of a houswife, which makes Gina's downward spiral even more amazing)
  18. WHAAAAT???????? Oh my GOD there are tears in my eyes right now I fucking love this show so much. I pray this leads to season 2.

    I guess Auckland is my next re-watch.

  19. Iconic.
  20. Just finished the episode with the, according to Gamble, Ejaculating Forest. Her mind.
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