The Real Housewives of Miami

Which one of these ladies should I be stanning?
The one who said LIMP PEHNUS.

Season 3 was not as good as the first two but definitely not as bad as you all are making it out to be. I remember it being very good and that’s when I was like why did they cancel this? The ladies brought it. Except Alexia of course.
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Premiering in December!

I mean, I guess it’s better than nothing, but that full time cast doesn’t excite me. Larsa was boring originally and Lisa and Alexia were more of the peacemakers so for vets that’s a weak cast IMO. It’s shocking Adriana is a Friend, BUT it has been 10 years and we don’t know how people’s lives and personalities have changed.

We also don’t know how good the three newbies are. I wish Peacock had released a trailer with the announcement to soften the blow to Adriana being a friend. A smashing trailer would’ve gone a long way to alleviate people’s worries.
Alexia brought nothing to the show so I am surprised she’s still main cast. Same goes to Larsa who seems to have become even more obnoxious over the years.

The only one I am excited for is Lisa. It’s a shame icons Marysol and Adriana only seem to be back as friends of?
I’m shocked Adriana is only a friend of as she’s been very vocal about getting the show back together and was acting on social media and during her appearance of WWHL a few months ago as if she was a main housewife
Before I get into my rewatch post, I wanted to say I’m very disappointed in how Peacock is promoting the show. I’ve had Peacock since it launched, mainly for Days of Our Lives but it also has lots of good stuff so I’ve enjoyed it. They did a spin off for Days with Lisa Rinna and it had ENDLESS promo! I’m talking magazine articles, interviews, talk show appearances, new photo shoot and multiple cast promos, trailers, digital events. What has Miami gotten? A cast list! No cast photo, no trailers, nothing. The show is premiering next month. I’m surprised they’d go all out for a soap but not something like this.

Now with that said, the lack of content is probably why I decided to do this binge lol. They added the show this week and I’ve made it through season one and the first episode of season two.

Season One:

I must say this was better than I remembered it being. I don’t know if it’s because I rewatched some of the other franchises so I viewed it as a retro season or if it was because it was only 6 episodes, but I thought it was a well paced introduction. It had light drama throughout and all of the women were interesting.

I remember hating Larsa and Christy but they weren’t bad. Larsa was incredibly unlikable which makes me curious for how she’ll be today. Christy was a good shit-stirrer but had backbone so I kinda wish she had stayed.

The star of the season was Mama Elsa and Adriana. It made me even more sad that Mama Elsa has passed away and that Adriana is just a Friend. Elsa had such presence and I strongly believe she is the reason we got a season two. Adriana is the only other person to have that big housewives personality. Her beauty, her backstory, being an art dealer. It just all was so interesting.

Now with season two, what a damn relaunch! I was blown away watching it haven’t seen so many revamps. This is the only HW revamp that knocked it out of the park episode one! First of all it looks like it was filmed ten years later in a different city.

Secondly, the cast is brilliant. They opened the world up so much and despite everybody not being friends, you have enough connections to create mini groups that then create a unit. I also love that everybody has their own cast of characters in their personal storyline which made it seem more real and more soapy.

I also loved that episode one featured so much Elsa. They knew she was their money maker and made sure to sprinkle her throughout. She was a star and I’m happy I decided to rewatch the show so I could relive all of her fabulous moments!
I love that cast photo. I expected the typical “everybody standing in front of a basic backdrop” which has become the norm. Now I just wish Peacock would promote it and give us a full package. I know the friends took cast photos and we still haven’t seen a trailer.

Hell, Peacock hasn’t even posted the cast photo! That came from Hayu.
I'm sure Peacock is just waiting closer to when Ultimate Girls Trip will finish to push promotion of Miami. They've been pushing RHUGT a LOT so they probably just don't want to dilute the marketing, especially as RHOC is also starting this week.
This looks very interesting to me! I am also loving how different the graphics are. It makes it stand out and you can tell there is more creativity than what we get on the Bravo housewives in terms of intro/cast photo.

The strange thing to me was centering so much of the trailer around Marysol and Adriana moments yet making them friends. Especially Adriana, who once again delivers as she always does.
This looks very interesting to me! I am also loving how different the graphics are. It makes it stand out and you can tell there is more creativity than what we get on the Bravo housewives in terms of intro/cast photo.
Absolutely. I'm not going to run the numbers to check, but the whole show feels way "younger" and more vibrant. I think being on Peacock allows for a bit more freedom creatively. I wonder if it'll be able to reference the 4th wall at all like Ultimate Girls Trip too?

This does look pretty good, I'm pretty perched. Non-shockingly, Larsa seems to be there solely for the celebrity factor and isn't really giving anything. Marysol seemingly delivering is also shocking to me.
It looks good, but I miss Adriana. For me, Miami never had a bad season.

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